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  1. I’ll try and get something done today OSOK
  2. Hi All , I just wanted to say a big thank you to ' Raptor Calls ' for the Rear bag Base he made for me along with a Loading block / Tray . I can't compare it to the other well known option from down under but It works great and was a third of the cost with an added feature of being able to seperate the elevation from windage trays . Lubo is a Gentleman and I can recommend him to all . Regards OSOK
  3. OSOK

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    So that's why you want to know the age ! Wise move 😁
  4. OSOK

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    The recent Atacr I bought had a different style sticker which annoyingly just had a scribble and no date etc ...... I get where PaulC is coming from as for some unknown reason I need to know the ages 😁 OSOK
  5. Not sure if the trigger unit is the same as my 455 but I had the Magic kit option put on first and thought it was okay but not what I wanted or expected . I've just had the CZ flyweight trigger and wow worlds apart but then it was a lot more money . Great trigger if you can justify the extra . OSOK
  6. OSOK

    Protektor Rear Bag

    Looking for the above , It must be the ' thicker base model ' with 3/8 inch gap between the ears . OSOK
  7. OSOK

    Protektor Rear Bag

    Looking for the above , It must be the ' thicker base model ' with 3/8 inch gap between the ears . OSOK
  8. OSOK

    Cz455 & 10/22 triggers

    I've had the £15 aftermarket magic kit for my 455 which was better but not good enough so I've just ordered a ' flyweight trigger ' so I'm guessing at the cost it ought to be good . OSOK
  9. I'm wondering if my gain with it would be short lived as I'm using a 7x68 Imp and soon to be 7mm Norma Mag , My Atacr has 132 moa with 30 moa mounts and 30 moa rail . Once zeroed at 100 yards I'm ending up with approx 130 moa and 20 moa holdover . At 2,600 yards with the 7x68 / 180g I used 130 -131 moa so by adding the Era-tac 70 moa I'd only be gaining another 40 moa which I'm guessing means another 300-400 yards ish . Hopefully the Norma Mag / 195g combo should be able to push on . There is a mk2 Charlie Taraq or Turret Charlie coming soon which is a better option if only I didn't hate waiting so much ! OSOK
  10. Hi All , Is anyone using one of these mounts ? OSOK
  11. For any other user's of the Labradar I've heard a few people have had an Issue with the connecting port on the unit that you plug into from the power pack USB lead . I've not had any problems myself but I've looked and can see how it might become an Issue if your not that gentle with it . There is a join at the top of the port ( There's probably a correct name for this type of socket ) and when connected and the rubber flap is pressing down on the lead it may cause this join to open and become a poor fit . OSOK

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