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  1. If you can buy a unit with a fixed 30x eyepiece then you'll pick up mirage and get a far better FOV than any of the zoom options . OSOK
  2. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    I don't think this I quite what your asking but I run a 270 WSM case that's necked down to 6mm which pushes the 55g Noslers out at over 4,500 ft/sec OSOK
  3. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    Got it setup eventually , Thank God for adjustable cheek pieces ? OSOK
  4. Mad Dogs & English Men

    Done it ,
  5. Mad Dogs & English Men

    Ah thanks for that , what's the best option ? Greg
  6. Mad Dogs & English Men

    Why would it be showing it on my pc and not the forum ? OSOK
  7. Just returned from a shooting trial in the Middle East and thought I'd share a picture of my wind Indicator ... Check the Temperature ! OSOK
  8. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    If there is a discount code please pm Mark direct as I've just paid £1900 and don't want to know Greg
  9. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    My 6mm WSM is a tad over 15 lbs with scope and if your using the drone on a 300 WSM which is a beast to shoot in comparison then I'm worrying over nothing . Greg
  10. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    Andy / Matchking , My understanding is that a mod is the worst thing to stick on where these screens are concerned .... Gun goes bang , bullet goes forward and gun then goes backwards .... mod then wants the gun to go forward so basically it's shaking the screen more . By the time the bullet reaches the mod and then reduces the shooters felt recoil the damage has been done if not felt ! Greg
  11. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    Thanks Andy
  12. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    PM sent Lee . The rails I have would back up the 35 thou being equal ' ish ' to 20 moa as ; 65 moa has a difference of 118 thou end to end 50 moa is 89 thou 40 moa is 73 thou 30 moa is 55 thou So that would make a 20 moa around the 36 thou ish . Greg
  13. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    Thank you all for the replies , So new 0 moa rail and possible shim's needed . Is there a better aftermarket base / clamping mount availible if the unit's own is not that strong ? Lee , If you used the shim I assume you didn't change your rail so is it a 20 moa ? My laymans logic of 35 thou = 20 moa over the length of your rail ? Garry , Looking at the online Info It's saying you can move the unit 1.5 Inches back on the existing mount , Did you do this and still need a longer rail ? Greg
  14. Having decided to get a Drone Pro I have a few questions that other users may have thoughts on . The scope is going onto a fast 6mm with 67g of powder behind it but the rifle is heavy. I understand that the drone is okay with a fair bit of recoil upto certain 30 cals or is there anything else I need to consider ? The rifle it's going on has a Bat action but from the rails I have the lowest moa is 30 moa . Where do you think that is going to push the reticle ( such as it would a normal scope ) from what you've found or do I order a new 0 moa rail ? Does the scope dial in a predictable way in the field ? OSOK
  15. I don't think you'll see much if any difference in the two but i find the EL's fit and feel better in my hands . OSOK

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