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  1. For any other user's of the Labradar I've heard a few people have had an Issue with the connecting port on the unit that you plug into from the power pack USB lead . I've not had any problems myself but I've looked and can see how it might become an Issue if your not that gentle with it . There is a join at the top of the port ( There's probably a correct name for this type of socket ) and when connected and the rubber flap is pressing down on the lead it may cause this join to open and become a poor fit . OSOK
  2. Mint Condition , Box etc complete £395 which will Include postage OSOK
  3. OSOK

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    SWFA 16x42mm or 10x42mm .... Rear focus with a MOA Quad ret , very good optics with 120 MOA travel & either 35 or 40 MOA of holdover all for £395 They are great for very little money OSOK
  4. OSOK

    IOR problems?

    I have a Terminator on one of my rifles and It's worked perfectly to date .... now over 12 months OSOK
  5. OSOK

    IOR Terminator,any user reviews

    I have a Terminator and have had it around the 12 month mark now . It has everything you want in a scope ; Good tracking , plenty of elevation , solid build & great glass . The build quality has gone through the roof compared to their first scopes and 100 moa at 52x !!! Whilst the weight would be the first thing owners could moan about it's not an issue for me ..... The only thing for me is the Reticle being too busy and on a £2000 plus scope you ought to have a choice . Other than that which is only my preference the scope is as good as it gets . OSOK
  6. OSOK

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    I keep falling for the same line ... you would think I'd have learned by now ' The most powerful IR yet ' I could have IR door stops everywhere 😁 I keep coming back to the Dragonfly OSOK
  7. OSOK

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Montey , Have you used a Dragonfly with your Drone ? I'm not saying It's the only IR that doesn't seem to get a response from the Fox but I've not had any react to it . Other IR's like the Ward N1000 which i like because It's so compact spooks them everytime . Just a thought before you splash thousands OSOK
  8. OSOK

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    So basically ... a total waste of money 😃 It's a pity Pulsar don't bring out a 75mm lens for the XP range ... I wouldn't want to loose the 2.5x mag of the 50mm for scanning but I'd love to see how it would effect the resolution through the 75mm . Maybe someone could bring out a Pulsar to Canon adapter for the XP 😁 OSOK
  9. OSOK

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Again without seeing with my own eyes I can't say but if I'm understanding it right then that unit has 2.1x mag with only 384x288 resolution ? OSOK
  10. OSOK

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    I upgraded to the XP50 the moment it came availible and i find it superb .... Like all Thermals there are nights when conditions make it seem as though your looking through a different unit but for spotting the 2.5x works well and I wouldn't want anymore . I can't say it's the best only the best that I've looked through and that does include a 'Military grade ' unit that goes for 4x the price . I'm always looking for a better solution even if the gains are small so being told the Ward unit is better than the XP50 makes me interested to see for myself . If anyone has the Ward unit and their not a silly distance away from Staffordshire I'd be able to compare . I assume that the Ward has the same size sensor to the Pulsar so the front 75mm objective is giving more mag but less FOV ? If that is the case that would be a plus on a weapons sight but a negative on a spotter for me . OSOK

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