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  1. I've wanted to try one of these scopes to use as an extreme range option and with the MOA Quad reticle it seemed perfect for my needs . I was hoping to get the 16x42mm but only the 10x42mm came in with MOA Quad so i bought that model . The scope is well made with bomb proof feel to it and without testing on paper there seems to be just over 140 moa with another 42 moa of holdover which again is untested to see if dial up equals the equivalent holdover . Glass for £395 delivered is very good and whilst a basic comparison to a 50mm NXS set at 10x showed a clear advantage to the more expensive scope it wasn't five times better . Word of warning , the reticle is very fine and the floating dot is the smallest I've seen ( much smaller than on the CH-3 ) and against a dark hedgerow etc it would be hard to pickup . I would have liked it to have a sunshade and caps included but they are extra's . Small annoying things to note , each turret has three screws to adjust and anyone using the scope for its maximum elevation with the appropriate rail will notice that the turret cap hides the indexing mark on the scope for the lowest 10 moa of travel . Apart from minor gripes this is such alot of scope for very little money and when the 16x comes in I'll get one as well as . OSOK
  2. Hi All , Callum is putting a 7/300 Norma Mag barrel onto a 338 Cyclone for me twisted for the 195's ... Reamers are here . I know it's not the 30 cal spoke about but it's close . OSOK
  3. Grifff , I have a different view on the needs of FTR or F-Open in scopes . Your scope wants to have between 30x and 45x with an MOA based fine reticle which you can quickly make changes from without worrying about different target ring sizes . My advice would be to set your scope to around 40x and test it at 100 yards with a windage markings on your reticle , by turning your zoom ring slightly you'll move the appropriate ash line over the equivalent mark that you've put on your test paper and then you will know where the reticle is calibrated for on your scope . Do not assume that if it says on the box The ranging is exactly 22x & 42x for example it's right !!! I would also suggest that in a match once you set the zoom don't touch unless really have to , If you intend looking at other targets to confirm a wind call then use a seperate spotter by the side don't zoom down . Mirage always seems to cause people to reach for the zoom ring but be prepared for a POI shift which most will put down to a slight condition change but it's more likely to be POI which at 1000 yards is magnified . The higher mag will enable you to hold around the ' v ' and ' 5 ' ring with more precision when conditions are very slight and on these days the top shooters will not worry about hitting the ' V & 5 ' but missing the odd one ! Just my thoughts OSOK
  4. I agree with the above , Mine is a way logging and then trying to understand when shots don't go the way your expecting . I don't see any point in logging something that went to plan through conditions being as you saw them and as the ballistic program said . What effect does a clean barrel have at a given range then Cold but fouled and then Mod on then off at the same range . Does it then pro-rata at different distances , Is there a formular that is reliable ....... It's endless but useful to know . Understand your reticles ...... how does 30 moa of holdover compare to 30 moa of dial in different scopes ...... log the difference . The only use i wouldn't use it for is logging your drops at given distances in the field as these will change for all the usual reasons . Much better to use the ballistic program based upon the conditions on that day rather than old data . Understanding why we miss makes us better shooters . OSOK
  5. Just seen this thread and if you use the data book in the right way then you start to see the difference that conditions and terrain have on shots . You can learn more from a miss than a hit ! I have used a 'rite in the rain' A5 for some years and it works well not to mention it fits the A5 Filofax Inserts . OSOK
  6. Have to agree with Vince , I've just had a Terminator and whilst it would be perfect for either FTR or Open it's just too heavy . It's heavier than an NXS by some margin . Get yourself a Nightforce Competition and another 3 inches of barrel length ! OSOK
  7. Rempel Adapter

    Hi gbal , I assume that yours is the standard adapter with two holes in it that screw into the underside of the stock ? OSOK
  8. Rempel Adapter

    Hi Has anyone got any Rempel Bipod stock adapters they no longer need that I can buy . OSOK
  9. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    Hi , No not the Middlestead but a 6mm WSM . I have contacted Starlight regarding the tail switch and he said that he'd agreed with the company in China to start production but we'll see .
  10. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    After spending a few months with the 15x Drone now I've come to love the unit and feel I can pass on some thoughts to others that maybe thinking of getting the same . After using my PVS-14 you realise that the Image through the Drone is not as clean which I'm guessing is to be expected in Tube v Digital but still good . I've now got a good selection in IR's ..... Dragonfly , TR67 , N1000 etc and I've found the Dragonfly has the edge in distance and has a cleaner light than the N1000 . The only downside to the Dragonfly is that at closer ranges out to 150 yards it can be too bright and cause a 'whiteout' effect so having it setup on the rempol bipod and having another IR fixed on the Drone for shorter range seems to work fine . Moving on to the Drone , The only issue I've had with the 15x is FOV and picking up the fox quickly which by changing the routine has helped alot . From spotting the fox in the thermal and then lining up the rifle on the truck roof before putting the thermal down works 90% of the time depending on how far the fox is away etc . I've shot 26 foxes since starting with the Drone and would there have been any that I couldn't have shot using the 10x , Maybe the odd one perhaps or Maybe not ??? I feel anyone using the Drone 15x walking or out of a truck window may struggle and the 10x a better option but would i swap mine for the 10x .... I don't think so as the 15x suits my needs and where i shoot it from etc . My love of the Drone is probably helped by the round i use with it , The 55g Nosler B/Tip doing over 4,500 ft/sec means that only using the centre cross hair of the Drone I'm 1.5 Inches low at both 50 yards & 340 yards with a high point around 210 yards of just over an Inch ! I hope this helps OSOK
  11. If you can buy a unit with a fixed 30x eyepiece then you'll pick up mirage and get a far better FOV than any of the zoom options . OSOK
  12. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    I don't think this I quite what your asking but I run a 270 WSM case that's necked down to 6mm which pushes the 55g Noslers out at over 4,500 ft/sec OSOK
  13. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    Got it setup eventually , Thank God for adjustable cheek pieces ? OSOK
  14. Mad Dogs & English Men

    Ah thanks for that , what's the best option ? Greg

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