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  1. Hi, Does your K&M press have any special attachments? That’s how much they are new at Spuds?
  2. Give Steve Kershaw a call. He had a new and stunning Nesika 7mm rem mag for sale earlier today and at about 2/3 normal retail price. If I was right handed I would have had it.
  3. Ok, thanks for replies. Putting legality to one side and in my own case I own less brass than I have authority to own in live assembled ammo. I was discussing this with a friend and his only point is degradation. He said that he would never do this but coached someone who did who was getting spotty results with his velocities. As soon as he began to prime and load in the same action the ES got better. Me, I think something else was changed at the same time. I have pointed out that primers would come sealed if there was an issue. I'd be interested to know what authorities on the subj
  4. I was having a discussion with a friend today re pre priming case (seating the primer long before the round is assembled). he said he would never do it for fear they degrade. Any thoughts on this?
  5. No silly offers please. This will go straight on another Bergara 6.5, .308 or 22-250. It’s a cheap cal change for someone. I know how much new barrels cost.
  6. PRICE DROP £250 inc RFD. Please note, that due to the way these barrels are chambered etc they are only suitable for use on a Bergara actioned rifle.
  7. This barrel will be removed and lodged with Steve Kershaw. No reasonable offer refused.
  8. Scrubbed he bore today. No fire cracking. I have the video file for interested parties.
  9. My Tikka CTR. Used mainly as my foxing gun but I have used it to 1000 yards accurately. In a green KRG Bravo chassis which has been adapted by Baldie for a left hand bolt. Still got all the spare nuts/bolts and spacers etc with it. Full length ARCA rail. 10 round AICS mag. No scope, rings or mod. Does include the Tikka stainless rail. £1100.00 o.n.o
  10. As per the title. Redding part number 36114. Complete with titanium nitride bushings .269 and .271. Immaculate £180.00 Posted
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