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  1. I was just asked on another forum my lowest price. Due to postage costs and that I’d rather use Royal Mail than Hermes £60.00.
  2. A 5lb Pack of Frankford stainless tumbling media. Bought but never used. £65.00 Posted.
  3. Opened box. 96 cases remaining. New and unfired. But have been sized with 1.5 thou neck tension. Still lubed so easy to set back with a full length die. £100 posted.
  4. Seen in picture. 1 x box 100 unopened. 1 x Opened box 53 Bullets. 1 x Opened box 48 Bullets HBN coated. £70.00 for the lot posted.
  5. I know that feeling. Those Leicas cost me money I didn’t anticipate spending.
  6. Hi, Yes they are very good. But I also like that you can alter the intensity of the target dot until its very bright which suits me. I’m not selling for any reason other than I got a great deal on some Leicas this week so I’m trading up so to speak.
  7. 9x45 Delta Rangefinder Binos. Immaculate condition. Only used for long range pinging so not knocked around. I am the original purchaser from Optics Warehouse and will come supplied with my original receipt. £900 posted RMSD.
  8. Yep still 1 in 11. Not ideal. Load development has been done with 208 grain Eldm.
  9. I know. The bolts in the wrong side AXMC. 300 Win Mag.
  10. It will accept 300 win mag 7mm rem mag actions. I used it with a 7mm Rem mag and also a long throated .260 with a modified long action bolt stop. Just for clarification it’s only the chassis, mag and mag release for sale.
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