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  1. As per the title. Full length sizer and competition micrometer seater. No bushings. £130 Posted.
  2. Malinois

    .300 WSM New Brass

    Can I have first option on the Norma please just trying to get in touch with my mate who wants some. Scratch that he is sorted.
  3. Malinois

    Die Storage.

    I find Forster boxes even take my Wilson dies.
  4. As per the title. As new condition, boxed. Built like the Forth Bridge but remarkably light weight. £200 Posted.
  5. Soda law. All my load developing done with 95g vmax.
  6. I can guarantee you have not sent me a PM. But your kit, your prerogative who you sell to. Good luck.
  7. Great! I was the first person to reply immediately after you had listed and never got a look in.
  8. Hi. Prices please for the large primer pocket uniformer and the Harrells? Thanks.
  9. Malinois

    Electronic Seating Force Monitor

    One thing is clear. Whenever you see people using an arbor press with any form of indicator they are very steady and gentle. Yes they might be doing this to note the seating force but I’m sure it makes a difference. My cheapo machine mart arbor press is too small to accommodate 7mm Rem Mag and I’m about to buy a proper arbor press. Question is, do I spend the extra and get one with an indicator?
  10. I will swap any of the below for similar quantities of RS52 and RS76. Otherwise price as listed. Collection from Doncaster 5 mins for the A1. I don't attend any big ranges so can't meet you there. Thanks. RELOAD SWISS RS62 UNOPENED 1KG TUB. £75.00 RELOAD SWISS RS62 OPEN TUB 585 GRAMS REMAINING £40.00 VIHT N120 OPEN TUB 725 GRAMS REMAINING £50.00 VIHT N130 OPEN TUB 803 GRAMS REMAINING £55.00 VIHT N150 685 GRAMS £45.00

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