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  1. I have 150 number .243 Winchester cases that have been resized to .260 Remington. These are in very good condition and may be unfired but no more than once fired. They came to me with the purchase of a .260 Tikka and I have just not used them. I have put them through a full length re sizer to make sure they conform. I also have 50 RWS that I have used three times have been cleaned and full length resized which I will throw in for nothing £30 plus £5 postage.
  2. Hi David, if you are interested please come back via PM and I will need your postal address please. Graham
  3. Hi David, total cost with postage £32.00. Please let me know there is another interested party but you have first refusal. Payment to PayPal friends and family using my email gnwalker@btinternet.com or to my bank account direct details I can give if you want to proceed. Regards, Graham
  4. Thanks for coming through, just confirm you are happy to cover postage at cost please. If so I will package, weigh and confirm the cost. best Graham
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  6. Do you still have the SMK 120g 6.5mm, if so I will take the 400, would be grateful if you could cover the postage on a bulk purchase?
  7. Thanks to those that looked and enquired, this is now spoken for subject to receipt of funds. Graham
  8. Make me an offer I have ordered an RPR in .223 and would like to free up the slot. Happy to hold on a 50% deposit 'til a vary comes through.

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