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  1. In perfect order, Jewell Trigger HVR top right safety. Photos on request. £175.00 inc pp
  2. Morning, P.m’d you re the dies. Thanks
  3. Hi. Does the neck bushing die come with any bushes? Thanks
  4. rangerunner

    Anyone built a 6.5PRC in the UK yet?

    " he forgot "🤯
  5. rangerunner

    .224 Valkyrie

    Cheers Dave. Yes, Virgin Starline brass.
  6. rangerunner

    .224 Valkyrie

    My 224 Valkyrie isn’t doing too bad with Hornady 88gr ELD’s. Using 24.2 gr of RS52, 27” barrel. 10 shot group, Av vel 2718 ft/sec. S.D. 9.3. 0.62 MOA on Fclass face , 600 yards
  7. rangerunner

    Seb Mini rest

    price reduction to £650.
  8. Do you still have the magnum bolt face long action  for sale 


  9. rangerunner

    Seb Mini rest

    They are Seb feet

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