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  1. spanner

    What scope for a Pard 007

    The 007's are excellent units, you have either not set it up correctly or it is faulty and needs to go back.
  2. Cased 180MM Aluminium Bipod in mint condition with Pan & Tilt Weaver Adaptor. Plus : Claw Feet Ski Feet Sling Stud Adaptor Tension adjustment tool.
  3. Received with thanks, just as described.
  4. David I bought this on Saturday, if you are interested in the 9 - 13 version of the same with Pan and Tilt PM me. I have one but alot of my use is off a bonnet so the shorter model is better for me but the 9-13 is great for general field use.
  5. spanner

    Air rifle to FAC power?

    Just join Airgunbbs and you can? It is a bargain, price it all up new!
  6. spanner

    Air rifle to FAC power?

    Absolutely, a total bargain here. http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?844000-FAC-Airwolf-22
  7. I use a Dog Gone Good window bag, they are very good. Helps that I am LH mind.
  8. spanner

    Pigeon licence now added .

    The meadows I shoot them on don't have any footpaths.
  9. spanner

    Pigeon licence now added .

    I see the Canada licence has been issued, they can only be controlled to preserve pubic health or safety. So off limits if they are trashing meadows!!
  10. spanner

    Pigeon licence now added .

    Yes a legal quagmire and trap written to stop people shooting or enable easy prosecution.
  11. spanner

    Pigeon licence now added .

    Well before you go demonstrate you have tried these methods smart arse : Pricking of eggsOiling of eggs using paraffin oil (also known as Liquid Paraffin BP or light/white mineral oil)Destruction of eggs and nestsA multi-catch*cage trapFalconryHand-held or hand-propelled nets By hand*: see Definitions7.Who can use this licencea)This licence can only be used bypeople growing crops,and
  12. spanner

    Pigeon licence now added .

    What a ridiculous defeatist attitude, all down to liberal PC BS!! Are you a spokesman for Packham!

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