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  1. I forgot I had it until I reached into the depths of my cabinet looking for something else. Yes Hen's teeth for sure.
  2. Retailed and possibly made or sourced by Clive Ward IIRC, works fine.
  3. Excellent condition, works fine. £60 posted.
  4. Been out last night, no cloud and like daylight!
  5. I have an HW66 18 inch 17H and for me it fills a niche perfectly for Foxing near habitation as 3 of my permissions are, it is so discreet with a Panther on it. Put a 2.7 - 17 STAC on it this week and took it to zero at 100 yards Monday evening. Bore sight then once nearly there three three shot groups to fine tune which all had all three shots touching in all three groups (it was very still). I love it and find the 20 GRN Vmax perfect for my needs, it puts them down fine. I have 22 FAC Air, 22lr, 17H, 204 & 6.5 X 55 which cover all bases for me. Reloading would give more options with the 17H should I choose??
  6. spanner

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    The HMR does have a niche as a volume point and shoot Rabbit rifle, the only issue round here at least is a distinct lack of Rabbits. Good for short range Fox but I would say not past 75 yards and placement needs to be perfect.
  7. Can anyone recommend a decent UK supplier for a quality one that I can swap between rifles please?
  8. spanner

    Pulsar xq38f

    Underwhelmed, wow. Found mine is a total game changer. Couldn't be without one now.
  9. 6 - 9 Swivel £75 posted SOLD 9 - 13 Swivel £65 posted 25 Long Leg Swivel £75 posted All excellent condition with smooth legs.
  10. spanner

    Pard NV 007

    I use one on a Hawke Vantage and get a lovely crisp image, I suspect it would be down to your scope not the unit itself. I sold a Drone to free some cash up and don't feel at any disadvantage for my uses. Still have a Drone on my main Foxing rifle but the little Pard has really impressed me.
  11. Don't have a chronograph but they are very effective. I dislike long barrels if using a Moderator so that length was a no brainer for me.

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