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  1. spanner

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    I have one of these and found not torquing the bolts fully made a big difference to accuracy in a positive way.
  2. spanner

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    HMR and 223 are totally different horses for courses.
  3. Mine started life as a 204 SS Varmint which weighed a bloody tonne. Now it has a 22 inch sporter weight Pacnor fitted by Dasherman a PSE stock and a Rifle Basix trigger. Not much of the Howa left lol but it is a fabulous rifle. My point is the action if very sound as the basis for a custom rifle.
  4. spanner

    An Afternoon on the crows.

    Or Jackdaws lol good sport and work anyway.
  5. Excellent condition with the Illuminated 4K Reticule (fine central cross), pics are on Guntrader (the one in Burnley). Second Focal Plane. Withdrawn.
  6. I have a Howa which I have spent money on and am very happy with the results and will put a new barrel on it when / if I shoot it out. Ivythorne Sporting have some Howa actions for sale at the moment.
  7. spanner

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    Just put my Meopta 3-12 X 56 with the 4K IR Reticule on Guntrader. Second Focal Plane Reticule.
  8. Well guys bought a Hausken over barrel Mod, very effective on both calibres and very light. Would recommend 100%.
  9. Around £17 or so, they stay on the rifle when new when you remove the Mod but after a few shots stay in the Mod. I have just bought one for my 6.5 x 55 and am very impressed.
  10. Green with black fleck and a full length aluminium bedding block in superb condition. Will be available in the next couple of weeks, if interested please PM me. This is for the Varmint weight barrel but will obviously the the standard barrel also just with a bigger float. These are just over £400 from Highland Outdoors, my price is £175 posted but no offers at that price please.

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