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    Outdoors, race bikes, shooting/ field sports.
  1. couldn't help noticing

    I’m 43, and bounce better than I ever did! I think I’ve fallen at every uk track at one point or other, just don’t get into motocross.
  2. Schmidt PMII 5x25

    Would you be interested in the Msr reticule? Might be selling some kit in the next few weeks. Regards Adam.
  3. couldn't help noticing

    Past and present......
  4. Yes please, send me a pm to arrange payment details if it’s still available, regards Adam.
  5. WTB?

    RubberB, Everest and pro hunter all produce straps worthy of the watch itself, I have a rubber B on my deepsea and the quality is superb.
  6. WTB?

    There is a brand that Rolex "almost endorses" I'll think of it, do they not still supply the original?
  7. I'll take a set if still available please, pm me. Kind regards Adam.
  8. Dunkirk

    I agree, very few dry eyes when the engine cut out on the spitfire, just to see it gliding with the music cut, very unusual.
  9. Lyman reloading manual arrived in perfect order, thank you, Adam.
  10. Skeeta, all paid for the reloading manual, regards Adam.
  11. I'll try pm to you with my mobile number, thanks

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