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  1. Paul I think that is a fair push and no, the review is not gospel and neither is (even remotely) my opinion but, in advance of Erics's response, here it is First off - I have a Recon and now a Crusader - and no PM2 so this is very lop sided opinion The glass is excellent alongside my Swaro X5 and Z8i, Nightforce NXS 8-32, and March 5-50 scopes I found this precision rifle blog detailed research interesting on top of the more cheer leading / opinion based Utting/Tiborsaurus youtube posts .. http://precisionrifleblog.com/2014/09/19/tactical-scopes-field-test-results-summary/ - see summary chart below Lets be clear - the PM 2 came first in the test !! - but when you look at the results the Recon scored best in tracking and 2nd best in tracking plus optics - second only to the hugely expensive hendsolt. It loses out on features due to a lack of reticle choice I believe. My logic was that: 1, The tracking is key to LR performance and the only wholly non subjective criteria 2, Can't argue with Schots glass 3, Happy with the reticle - think it is actually very good including floating illuminated dot 4, Much cheaper than PM2 and with free tier one mounts - I have a strong sense this is driven by a low (Romanian) cost base and restricted product offering focused on 'function over form' rather than cost cutting coupled with S&B taking the piss on pricing like a lot of the big brands from the likes Beretta and Nightforce down. (See the new Polish Delta scoped btw) 5, My Brother has a PM2 and a, we try to get different stuff for fun and b, I always like to think I have the best gear so I obviously hereby accept my credibility is pretty tenuous but I have played with said 5-25 PM2 6, I also have heard some of the reliability issues with the PM2s and wonder if this comes with trying to offer too much variety of product over build quality Having bought the IOR's I am happy and love the bank vault build quality but would say: 1, They are very heavy and I am happy to have a March on my Dolphin/BAT/Proof custom and Swaros on my Blasers - These are AXMC and TRG fodder for me 2, Not pretty - utilitarian - see point 1 3, Richard Utting likes the fussy paralax/focus to get the best out of the optics - I am less keen personally 4, Given the non life and death nature of use I am sure the choice between the two is well within the personal taste/whim confidence window 5, The Crusader 5-40 FFP is even better and still well cheaper than virtually any PM2 - but points 1-3 apply x2 Any way - there is a detailed non-answer to your question Cheers
  2. Which ballistic app

    TJC I was told 100m vs 100 yards and then ranged it with my swaro bins and got 111 yards I won'y die in a ditch on the subject ;-) but that is the data I have Cheers and happy new year
  3. Which ballistic app

    GBAL I think you are spot on - I got a 0.4MOA vertical deflection - very interesting - not huge but still 1cm at 100m
  4. Which ballistic app

    great - thanks Gluv that helped me find same functionality on the Applied ballistics app Happy new year
  5. Which ballistic app

    Gluv Thanks - do you run it off a computer or can you print from an app?
  6. Which ballistic app

    To question one - that was interesting the 10 mph 90 degree wind was giving me at .4 moa lift at my original zero - when I set the wind to zero the clicks and zero coincided - I clearly have much to learn
  7. Which ballistic app

    other question - I would love to print out some good tables to about 1200 yards for the 6.5CM - any suggestions on programmes - presumably from the PC or Mac that can do this well? thank you again
  8. Which ballistic app

    Hi I have a quick question on the applied ballistics app I have inputed all the data as required but am finding an inconsistency between by zero distance (111 yards - short Siberia) and the point at which the output shows zero vertical correction - I am getting the round going through zero at about 65 yards and then back through at 145 yards - I have out the right scope height in any ideas on where I am going wrong
  9. That is a tremendous bargain for somebody - I have a Recon and the glass is excellent For anybody looking for some new glass I see that Optics Wharehouse have 10% off until if you sign up to their mailing list - So that is a new Recon for £1800 - not the bargain above but still £200 off
  10. Hi I am looking to get a couple of barrels for my Blaser R8 - one for stalking in 6.5CM and one match profile in 308 The issue is that the factory sporter profile 6.5CM is a 1/10 twist which will not stabilise the heavier 120gr-140+gr bullets I want to use to get the most out of the calibre and the wait on the factory match barrel is long. Given reports that the custom house is both unresponsive and expensive even for blaser (I suspect that their pricing person was taught to charge in Africa by a particularly misanthropic and recently wounded Rhino) I have looked at custom options. In the UK I understand that brock and Norris will rebarrel your existing barrel and 'stub' but my only R8 barrel, in 308, is still going strong. I am not aware of other local options. Looking abroad I found bix n'Andy who have an excellent reputation for triggers and I have them in my R8 GRS stock and a carbon stock - http://bixn-andy.at/en/laeufe/ This looks good and I am getting in touch - I wondered what the import process would look like given the barrel will need to be proofed etcany thoughts on this and wider r8 barrel question? Thank you
  11. Quick follow up - Andy has a price list and list of possible contours etc One thing that he said was that "I would need your import license to get the export permit" Is this just my UK FAC with relevant slots? or do I need an import licence, could I ask a dealer here to receive the barrels? He is based in Austria Best James
  12. Thanks Baldie/CW thar means I can just have sent to a dealer I think Gazzar - I am waiting on Andy’a latest reply on timings etc Will keep you updated james
  13. Cumbrian - Yes - they are proofed in Austria - Is this definitely acceptable in the UK? Apologies for my ignorance here. Gazzar - Base price for a semiweight/match profile R93 barrel in 308 or similar standard caliber is Euro1125 - 1050 for standard barrel and +75 for the nonstandard profile. Threading, coating etc is extra I will be looking to get 2 barrels from him - will let you know how it goes Best James
  14. I have sent a few emails just now to Andy and I will ask about the prices for the R93 as well Questions still stand on import and proofing - any ideas out there?
  15. Thank you - issue is I still need the stub Andy Atzl builds his own by the looks of things - and in future you could rebarrel it!
  16. 6.5mm varmint bullet recommendations

    David thanks - I'll see how I do -
  17. 6.5mm varmint bullet recommendations

    David - How do you find the 143gr ELD-X's ?? I have loaded up 50 for my 6.5CM Dolphin custom rifles (which is 1/8 twist). Over a ladder test of RS62. They get good reviews but I did see the thing about over penetration. Its unfortunate that the Blaser sporting profile is 1/10 - there is no chance that will stabilise a 143gr
  18. 6.5mm varmint bullet recommendations

    What the barrel twist rate? I am trying to get a 6.5CM barrel for Blaser R8 but the stock, standard profile barrel is 1/10 which seems daft - the quality, high BC bullets at 120gr - 140+ apparently need 1/9 - 1/8
  19. pheasant

    Good Work! That would make a cracking Christmas card. You could send them to your most loyal and free spending customers
  20. pheasant

    Did you take that Mark? Very Festive!
  21. New laws on expanding ammo

    Got it Thanks
  22. New laws on expanding ammo

    HelloI wanted to get some specific advice about the recent law changes regarding expanding ammo (I will need to be precise here in my language to differentiate between expanding bullet heads and loaded rounds)I understand that you are now able to buy expanding bullet heads online and in shops without your FAC - Indeed I have purchased some Hornady ELD-X (bullet HEADS) in 6.5mm and 308I have an FAC and a range of rifles of 22, 223, 6.5CM and 308 approved for target use but not stalking and appropriate quantities of ammo linked to them. FWIIW I am an NRA and BASC member. I have just completed a beginners stalking course and am joining a club to learn and be safe. - I am now planning to get a variation on my FAC to allow the use of the 308 and 6.5CM for stalking in appropriate locations.In advance of this I WAS planning to make up a ladder test (rising charge load) of both 308 and 6.5CM ammo with the expanding bullets heads to test at 100 yards to find the accuracy nodes for these bullet heads in my rifle - I hasten to add - To be clear I have NOT done this yet.Then it struck me - a person is allowed to buy cases, ordinary bullet heads, primers and even propellant without an FAC - but assemble a full round without an FAC and this is an offenceDoes the new law change just allow purchase of expanding bullet heads and do you STILL need a SPECIFIC variation to hold assembled expanding ammo or is now all ammo - expanding and non expanding treated the same ad you just need permission to hold that quantity of that calibre of ammo on your FACAgain I am not planning to make up any ammo until I am absolutely sure here
  23. New laws on expanding ammo

    Banus Thanks - on terminology and on main question For the avoidance of doubt - I can now make up and use expanding ammunition - cartridges with expanding bullets as you say as part of my allowance as per the amounts and usage restrictions on my FAC?
  24. The New format site - problem

    I am struggling to find the "new content" button where I can see follow up posts on threads I have contributed to any clues Thanks Hobbit
  25. 6.5 creedmore info

    Dave I don't know what the latest price is for the barrels you need to ask Mik at Dolphin - they are US made and the pound is not helping - I would say around £900 so pretty pricey but there is some good evidence they last longer than ordinary barrels I love mine because it is accurate and forgiving - below is a 5x5 shot series from my pet load as above It was short siberia so the range is actually 109 yards (111 on my swaro rangefinder bins) so you can knock 10% of the MOAs There is a lot of chat on forums about quarter inch groups etc but frequently why you see is 3 round groups or cherry picked examples I am not a world class shot so 5 sets of 5 rounds, in a series, well under half moa was very pleasing - love the rifle I will get my TRG rebarreled in 308 with a proof barrel cheers Hobbit

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