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  1. Hi Darren, Yes it’s still up for grabs Regards Nick
  2. Hardly used (@ 80rds), boxed, unmarked, perfect condition scope taken off my .17 Tikka T1x MTR rifle. includes the Hawke rail 9 - 11mm which fits the Tikka dovetail scope mount. Links: https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-4-12x50-mil-dot-ir.html https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/match-mount-1-1-piece-9-11mm-medium.html £90 plus postage (@ £5 UK signed for)
  3. Pedersoli Mid range creedmore sight for sale. Used on Pedersoli 45/70 Sharles "Quigley" buffalo rifle. I gave ranges up to @ 850 yds. https://www.davide-pedersoli.com/scheda-accessorio.asp/l_en/idpr_150/pre_0/accessories-creedmoors-silhouette-middle-range-creedmoor-sight.html Cost around £200 new For sale £100 Pedersoli folding fore sight https://www.davide-pedersoli.com/scheda-accessorio.asp/l_en/idpr_189/pre_0/accessories-front-sights-e-inserts-set-folding-front-sight.html Cost around £60 new For sale £35 Email me on n.thomsen@btinternet.com
  4. Hi again, Just looked at the website & it appears they're 2nd FP Many thanks Nick
  5. Hi, Can you confirm availability still & that they are 1st focal plane. Many thanks Nick
  6. Nightforce 12-42x56 NXS scope (Mildot) boxed for sale or swap/part-ex. Website: http://nightforceoptics.com/nxs/12-42x56 http://www.huntingsolutions.co.uk/ni...42x56-nxs-2929 Asking £1050 posted The scope is in virtually 'as new condition' I'm after a good quality scope, first focal plane, 30mm tube. up to 32x magnification
  7. The scope isn't side focus, the left side turret is for the illuminated reticle. Regards Nick
  8. Bushnell Trophy XLT 3-12x56 Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope 30mm tube for sale. The scope is in almost new condition & is boxed. The glass is unmarked and the tube has a couple of tiny marks from the rings which are very difficult to see. The scope was mounted on a Tikka T3 & has had about 150 rounds fired. Included is a butler creek eyepiece cover. Scope details at: http://www.shopbushnell.com/detail/BSN+733126E and http://www.uttings.co.uk/p112224-bushnell-trophy-xlt-3-12x56-ir-riflescope-733126e/#.VpkQevmLRpg These retail at approx £240 asking £125 posted
  9. The scope is about 6 months old. I'm trying to find my receipt (from Uttings I think). I assume the guarantee is valid from the time it's registered, but the serial number will help Ziess identify the supplier.
  10. The Ziess Duralyt scope is as new condition, unmarked, & was fitted to my .17 HMR. Realised the scope was far too good for rifle as soon as it was fitted, so never even used it, hence 'as new'. The reticle is No 6 & isn't illuminated. I could post pictures but the ones off the internet are better & more decsriptive Serial Number: 3973442 Original Guarantee (Unregistered) in box. £470 incl insured postage

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