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  1. That looks a great day out, however, booked my tickets to the NEC classic car show.
  2. geek

    AI AT front rest rider

    Is it 3 inches wide and will it fit an AT? Could you please post a picture of it fitted. Thank you
  3. geek

    AI AT front rest rider

    Thanks, I have currently lent him my Ruger PR buttstock to make a rear bag rider.
  4. geek

    AI AT front rest rider

    Thanks, I have purchased my rear bag rider from them, however, looking at the website they don't have a front rest rider.
  5. geek

    AI AT front rest rider

    I am looking for a front rider (3inch) to fit a SEB rest for my AI AT, any thoughts/recommendations where I can purchase one? Thank you
  6. These are a great rifle, I have a RPR (Gen 1) and cannot fault it for the money.
  7. geek

    British Military Watches

    I have no idea what it's worth (would be interested though!). I have three decent watches, Rolex Sea Dweller (about 20 years old) with box and papers, Heuer Carrera (old, no serial number [the Tag shop were very keen on it]) leather zip box but no papers and the 1942 Omega. Also have a manual wind 1974 and 1977 CWC and Hamilton military watch, the barrel shaped ones (not sure which watch is which year would need to check); but these need a service. However, the CWC and Hamilton are not valuable I just like watches.
  8. geek

    British Military Watches

    I bought a 1942 military Omega (many years ago), yet I have never served In the military, does that make me a Walt?
  9. geek

    Aim Drag Bag FS-42 folding stock bag

    You do need to ensure that you get the right 'hand' you need i.e. for a left or right folding stock, see here: https://www.aim-fieldsports.com/product-category/dragbags/folding-stock-dragbags/
  10. Is it the calibre that is putting people off? Maybe they want .308 or 6.5CM which does seem more popular. However, It does seem a good price.
  11. geek

    Ruger 10/22

    That would be a far more cost effective option.
  12. geek

    Ruger 10/22

    Agreed, done that. Bought a standard 10/22 now the only standard parts are the bolt and receiver! It's all part of the fun.
  13. geek


    I would value your opinion. I have a 2014 AI AT and I am about to rebarrel in 6.5Creedmoor. I have purchased 200 Laupa small primer cases, do you think this could be an issue? If so, I will just use this brass in the Ruger PR. Thank you and any advice is much appreciated.
  14. I do like the look of that Highly recommend "Black Rifle", excellent service when I purchased the MDT chassis for my Ruger American (.22LR). Something like that is on my list when I sell my Steyr Aug.

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