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  1. geek

    Moment of weakness

    Very nice, I have always liked the Omega Speedmaster. In my opinion Omega are a very underrated brand.
  2. geek

    Bushcraft clubs

    As the title, does anyone know of any clubs within the North West, where you meet, learn/practice, etc? Also, could you recommend any courses? I have been looking at Trueways Survival https://truewayssurvival.com/ any others?
  3. geek

    Wind up radio

    No - I had a look on Amazon, and thought I would ask for a recommendation - seemed a simple question. If anyone has purchased such a radio, would you recommend it? E. G. a number of the radio's include options, torches, USB charger, power bank, etc. is this a good ideal or adding complication, AM/FM or DAB?
  4. geek

    Wind up radio

    Which wind up radio would you recommend for hiking / camping?
  5. geek

    24 Hour Emergency Backpack

    Good video. We all have different opinions on what is necessary. This is what I keep in the boot of my car, probably time for an update. I was thinking of updating my hiking rucksack and keeping that in the boot.
  6. geek

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    Agreed, sums up the "can do" mentality.
  7. geek

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    What a great day, shame only 26 shooters. Thank you to all those that organised, marked targets and worked in the butts. It doesn't matter (much), that I was well and truly outshot by my 14 year old son. For those that did not attend, you missed a fantastic day and the weather was good (even for Diggle). Hopefully see you at the Fly Shoot?
  8. geek

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    I agree.
  9. geek

    .223 barrel cleaning

    I would ask the same question? I always clean all my firearms (rifle and shotgun) after use, irrespective of the rounds shot. Each to their own, I suppose.
  10. I too have an AI AT and I went for an S&B 12-50x56 PMII with P4F reticle, however, mine is SFP since I shoot at known distances. My only comment on the scope is that in some circumstances I do find the reticle a little too fine. The rifle is used for everything from McQueens to F-Class at distances from 100yrds-1000yrds.
  11. geek

    Tactical Marlin.

    Hobbit, yes even I find that has too much 'rail'. In fact I think that baldie's was better.
  12. geek

    Tactical Marlin.

    I always thought that this looked a fantastic rifle and I would like something similar done to mine eventually, however, others may find that a sacrilege to a traditional Marlin/underlever.
  13. geek

    AI AT Build

    I too have an AI AT in .308, folding stock with 26" barrel. The scope is an S&B PMII 12-50x56 SFP, reticle is a P4fine with 1/4 MOA turrets. I have an AI bipod, however I have a Phoenix bipod on my Ruger PR and I intend to order one for the AI, they are a fantastic bipod and highly recommended (I bought mine for the Ruger after seeing the one on "The Gun Pimp's" rifle whilst shooting McQueens). My only comments on the S&B scope are, it's heavy and I find the fine reticle a little too fine and wish I had ordered a standard P4 and not a P4F. Scope wise, the Ruger PR has a Sightron 8-32x56 with LRMOA reticle with 1/4MOA turrets and I would consider this an excellent scope for the money. The difference in bipods can be seen in the image below:
  14. geek

    Shot gun followed by rifle shooting

    I would agree, I was an OK clay shooter, however, since I now shoot rifles more often, I would say my clay shooting isn't as good (and it was only average) as it once was; I probably need a few clay lessons to 'get back up to speed'.
  15. Dear all, If you own a Ruger Precision Rifle you may be interested in reading this and checking your own serial number. https://ruger.com/dataProcess/rprSafety/

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