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  1. Shot gun followed by rifle shooting

    I would agree, I was an OK clay shooter, however, since I now shoot rifles more often, I would say my clay shooting isn't as good (and it was only average) as it once was; I probably need a few clay lessons to 'get back up to speed'.
  2. Dear all, If you own a Ruger Precision Rifle you may be interested in reading this and checking your own serial number. https://ruger.com/dataProcess/rprSafety/
  3. CSR equipment

    Dear all, I am going to watch a CSR (and possibly mini rifle) completion next month at my local club with the intention of competing next year and I would be interested in what equipment you use for carrying magazines (both full and empty) also, do you use a sling for CSR? Any pictures much appreciated.
  4. CCTV

    A local alarm company installed mine (they also maintain my alarm system), I installed the power supply and HDMI cable (already had TV monitor) and they supplied the head end and wired two cameras, cost was circa £600 and additional cameras are £150 wired and installed. I can watch the footage on my mobile and the alarm system calls my mobile (then others, if mine is not answered). In my opinion a very worthwhile investment.
  5. Is the forum broken?

    I too have been having problems accessing the forum.
  6. I have not received a response from my local MP (unfortunately Labour, whom I wouldn't trust to run a bath)
  7. ​I would also contact your MP. This can be done here https://www.theyworkforyou.com/
  8. Which 22 WMR

    I had a Sako Quad (.22LR and .22WMR barrels) and to be honest I was not impressed. The first rifle was replaced under warranty (the bolt could not be inserted) and the second rusted so I part exchanged with the RFD where I purchased the rifle for a .22LR Ruger American. Also, the ammunition is expensive (the last I purchased, which was a while ago was £12.50 per 50 rounds), do you really need a .22WMR? Far too expensive for plinking! It was however, quite accurate out to 100m If you are not hunting (and therefore will use hollowpoint ammunition), solid ammunition can be much more difficult to obtain. Just my personal experience.
  9. Diggle Fly Shoot - Sunday 30th July

    Shaun and I would like to be there, unfortunatly we will be on holiday. Hope everyone has a good day and we will be there next year. For those that have not tried this competition, it's great fun and well organised.
  10. .22 WMR expieriences.

    I had a .22WMR bolt action Sako Quad and one drawback was the cost of ammunition. From memory circa £12.50 for 50 rounds, whereas CCI Mini-mag is about £10 for 100 rounds. I wouldn't like to fund a .22WMR semi-auto for plinking, I like .22LR for plinking.
  11. Which ballistic app

    Thanks for replying, I do suppose it's what you get used to and find most appropriate for your own needs.
  12. Maybe, most people would be looking for an 8-32x56 i.e. F-Class shooters?
  13. Which ballistic app

    I would be interested in your results/comparison.
  14. Water storage - how long

    I have a reasonably large cold water tank in my loft, don't most houses have a cold water tank? or are many houses mains fed now? Also about 10litres in the fridge and a similar amount in the garage (also about 250m from a stream and about a mile or so from a couple of large reservoirs. What amount of water do people think is reasonable to store?
  15. Which ballistic app

    I use Strelok Pro.

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