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  1. Yeah, I like many things on my semi-c How but the trigger had to go. Interesting shout on the Sabatti, I see they offer an off the shelf 7 SAUM.
  2. Chanonry

    Home Office FOI Request

    After a bit of being grumpy about a post relating to the FCSA, I made a freedom of information request of the Home Office to get data on firearms offences. I tried to find it online but it was hard to track down. Turns out there is a pile of data available from ONS, I just could not find it. I got a good response from the Home Office considering I asked for a breakdown of the data by all sorts of things mainly just to make sure I got what they had. The data relates to England and Wales. They also provided me with a bunch of historical data. If somebody wants the historical data PM me or look here. Its not 'published' yet, but will make its way there in due course. However this link takes you to the best data in the form of a downloadable Excel spreadsheet detailing offences involving weapons. Lots of tables, data cut lots of different ways. Hours of endless fun. A lot of the data supports the views we already have but at least the various organisations could use this to provide some evidence to support our arguments. A taster: Rifles 9600 offences involving 'firearms' in '2017' of which 61 involved rifles fired 30 times 10 people injured including 1 fatality So the only firearms action the govt is planning relates to rifles when there were 2685 handgun and 28 machine gun offences in 2017. Where do they think the terrorist is likely to look for his firepower? FCSA, let me know the answer you get. Areas of risk: 1. London 2. West Midlands 3. Northamptonshire (?!) Age groups of victims: 10-19: 20% 20-29: 30% 30-39:20%
  3. Chanonry

    Home Office FOI Request

    Nope, try reading the data. Then make statements. That's why I got it, so we can talk less p*sh There were 1,406 offences with BB/Airgun between April 2016/March 2017, they were fired 85% of the time, used as a blunt instrument 1% of the time and as a thread 15% of the time. I know that is 101%.
  4. Thanks. Sounds like we have similar ideas about what makes a good rifle. I have a B&N Contractor in 308 a bit less than 0.5moa consistently with untuned handloads . Solid as hell. I like the sound of the HMR, adjustment, aics and a heavy barrel without being varmint.
  5. The Tikka / Howa thing is not quite comparing apples with apples as you described it. If it is a 'standard' Tikka then why are you assuming you should have an aftermarket stock on the Howa and not the Tikka ?? I have a semi custom Howa bedded into their Bell & Carlson offering. A bit heavy for many I suspect but damn solid and does the job very well. Personally I could not imagine me buying a Tikka and not changing the stock either. Its not really a fair comparison, as IMO both need work to get good consistent performance out of them. The tikka is probably a better starting point as it is easier to change components sans gunsmith ?? On the other hand, the Bergara HMR looks the part and comes 'pre-pimped' - adj stock, tactical bolt handle, aics mag system, a #5 barrel profile, 308/6.5CM and at a very competitive price point. Basically less than you pay for the Howa or Tikka by the time you had sorted it out. If it shoots, then why buy anything else at this price point (and quite a bit above)? Does it shoot ? Anyone know, (i.e. own one) ...?
  6. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    You can apply that reasoning to most firearms
  7. I would be asking them what tolerances they work to for their mechanical and optical components and therefore why a tolerance of 0 to 1mm on dirt is acceptable to them and why they think it should be acceptable to their customer base. If they are happy with this situation, I don't see why you are hiding their identity ? Its you that thinks they should be embarrassed when clearly the supplier and the manufacturer don't. The community would like to know who is who so we can make our own mind up. You could argue that they are doing right by you as they are sorting something they don't see as a problem. Others may take a different view of their behaviour. You are not defaming anyone, the truth is a defence in the law...
  8. Chanonry

    "Solid" Stalker

    Looking for a 'heavy' stalking rifle that is: - Long action, non magnum - "Semi weight" barrel longer than 20" - Synthetic after market stock - Twist suitable for heavy for calibre bullets - Not a total antique / got obsolete components Ideally: - DBM -Threaded I don't really want to build a nice shiny new one as this is going to get some hard use ......
  9. Chanonry

    "Solid" Stalker

    Yes I think thats the style. Maybe need a bit bigger calibre to access some heavier bullets. There are a few about but most seem to have 20" barrels for some reason. Fine in 308 but 30-06 with a 20" barrel ? Eeek
  10. This still rumbling on? Apparently my new 243 barrel on the AX is of the 'inferior' button barrel type. Never bothered asking. First 3 shots (with 3 different loads) printed 7mm at 100m and that was with having to break position between each shot. First 10 (all different loads) was inside 0.6 moa. Interestingly (for me) was that the group was not vertically strung. Who knows. I was glad when my 'smith brought it up, apparently most people would rather wait 4 months for a cut barrel than take a button that is in stock. Sample size of 1 admittedly, but it suggested to me that whatever the key variable is that affects precision in this application, it is not the rifling.
  11. None at all mate. Lots of pseudo science p*sh merely repeating t'internet perceived wisdom in a self-aggrandising way.
  12. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    Well that's an FOI into the Home Office. Poor b*gger will struggle to get that back within the 20 days. For the nosey amongst you previous FOI responses can be found here. You can see some real pedantic sods have been grinding their axes.
  13. Chanonry

    EU Beginner load development - 6.5creedmoor

    Yes, again. Solid process Shooting is a chain. We need all parts of the chain to be strong but having one part fantastically strong does not make the chain stronger. So a good load is important but if you can't shoot (or whatever) you will not see the benefit. In other words, get it to a level of performance that does what is needed then STOP and go work on something else. The reloading issues (if any) are likely to be from doing things slightly differently from round to round rather than there being something wrong with the process itself. Good ammo comes from attention to detail at every step. Even the chamfer (got that t shirt). Detail ! Until recently my 'best' performing ammo was made with a Lee Collet Die. Other dies I have used have produced good results so its not the dies. Making consistently loaded straight ammo to start with is the goal, tuning it (powder load and seeing depth) to your rifle is then what gives great results but we are dependent on the rifle and the shooter being able to shoot to that level of precision/accuracy to get useful feedback. Back to the chain...
  14. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    Here is the National Crime Agencies view - link I think I will ask the Minister for his statistics on the use of firearms stolen from the UK populace in criminal events as I don't seem to be able to find any.
  15. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    Some stats if you are interested. Not what I was looking for but... link
  16. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    Thanks for this. This "response to crime" => "ban firearms" thing irritates me as there is no correlation never mind causation between legal firearms ownership and crime. So this is bogus. Who knew. I will pull some stats together and lob it at the MP but Ben Wallace MP does not look like a man open to argument, more likely open to self advancement.
  17. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    Well, sadly there are way more comments about my post and only a couple reacting to the FCSA update which kind of support my point...
  18. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    Really, you should have seen the drafts I deleted. My reply is concise and makes a valid point. Unlike the op which was impossible to work out what I was supposed to be objecting to without wading through a post and 3 links. As regards my concise points: Point 1. The post and the associated links make it hard for the target audience to understand the key issues and recent developments. As an attempt to communicate an issue and engender support it is a dismal failure. My response is likely to reflect what the intended audience thought and did - i.e nowt. Point 2. If you cannot communicate well enough to engender action from the broad shooting community you are indeed screwed. You may not like to hear it but that's your problem not mine. If you did not like my response take it as an unsubtle hint to get off your arse fix the issue. Easier for you to just diss me though eh ?
  19. Chanonry

    FCSA Update

    I can't be bothered to wade through all that drivel to try and work out what you are talking about. If that's the Chairman whipping up a frenzy, you have had it...
  20. Chanonry

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    Really? That's not my experience. A Lee plastic scoop, a powered trickler, beam scales and a wee camera will do it as fast as I can seat the bullet. The load I am working up for 243 was showing ES of 8 fps yesterday, so its not producing crap either. How does it take 90 seconds for one round ???? Are you guys are missing the big picture and disappearing down a techie rabbit hole here? If scales need to be running in a kind of "isolated clean room environment ", surely its in the too hard box ? Certainly the - cheaper solutions exist box. No, well, Just Sayin'. I am happy for you guys to do whatever so no shouting please, who cares really. If I had more nuts I would have bought electronic scales a while back as well (beam scales have their issues too 😡), but posts like this put me off. Its a lots of £££'s to have problems.
  21. Chanonry

    243 powder

    Are there links to this research online?
  22. Chanonry

    Font Colour

  23. Well my thought would be... Aside from - never shot the 175 TMK, (is it just tarting up an old faithful to save costs without really being best in class ? No idea. I shoot loads of Sierra stuff so not a hater ) and can't comment on its relative merits. Comments purely on my experience. The key point is - It depends what you want from your trajectory... In normal rifle configuration my feeling is that 208 is too heavy for the 308, the trajectory has too much drop due to velocity constraints from the case size. 180 ish feels like the upper limit, with 150 ish being the bottom end (below this, it is flat but toooo wind affected). No surprise, but all of this is of course subjective and application dependant. For known distance wind is everything situations , then 208 type stuff wins (possibly) BUT you really need a target style set up i.e. longer barrels and load the bullet long ("longer/long" again being subjective or defined by competitive challenges) -> more powder and more barrel = more pressure for longer = more mv 1. Its really about form factor (pointyness, and boat tail really) rather than BC as this is a purer measure of aerodynamic efficiency which is the main driver of wind drift. Higher BC can still have a less efficient shape and seem better simply due to higher weight therefore it can misrepresent relative performance in the wind. Hence the comment about 155hyd - lower bc but good form factor - 0.953 giving 'good' wind performance and a 'flat' trajectory. Plenty other examples at different weights. 2. That's all good in theory but it depends on what you can get in practice i.e. its all a bit marginal and if your powder bullet combo turns out not to work for you despite the theory, then you have to look elsewhere. I find quickload saves me a lot of money as it can give me a feeling for what combinations really do have potential rather spending to try stuff out. This thinking applies at higher weights as well so other thoughts would be to copy Lowlight on Snipershide who in one of his articles about switching to a 6.5 gave an alternative approach and shot a Berger 185gr Juggernaught over 2000MR out of a 20" barrel (I think). Not up to a 6.5 but his performance was impressive and his point was that just cos 6.5 is good there is no need to give up on the 308 as with modern powders and bullets we can see some good performance improvements as well. Sorry, I had a quick google but could not find the article. Never went that way but it may work better for you if you are already at the 175gr end of the scale. According to Berger the 185 will stabilise out of a 1:11 (no pointy plastic bit) and has a form factor of 0.981. There is also a 185gr hybrid that has 0.944 and needs a 1:10 Underlying all this stuff is that many of the 20th century bullet designs are less aerodynamically efficient (i.e. lower form factor as per Bryan Litz) than many of the 21st century designs. After all that is really what is behind the upsurge of the 6.5's. If you put a crappy old 20th century bullet in a 6.5 Creed then guess what, it behaves like a 1980's 6.5 Swede. Who knew...
  24. I have shot most things out of a 308 from 100 to 200 Accubonds (damn good woods round) and the 208 Amax. Can't remember if I ran them out of the AX but i don't think so, but defo in my Sako 75 Varmint 24" 1:11. Stability was fine. The 208 was genuine 1/2 moa (i.e. not discounting 'fliers'). Would they be 'fine'? Depends on your definition of fine I suppose. Certainly accurate enough for me. I did not tune either load or CBTO. I just ran a full but safe load. I was all just playing about. I am assuming the length of the ELD and the Amax will be similar as the 208 was the only 308 bullet in that range that had a properly designed boat tail so the ELD can't be that different. I ran RL17. Filled it close to max pressure. If you go that route just be careful of working up a load on a cool day then shooting them on a scorcher. I had some hard bolt lifts never mind what the advert says. In the Sako I loaded to mag length so COAL was 2.90" not the SAAMI 2.80" which helped me get a bit more velocity. In reality it probably did not make a huge difference. I just measured my Accuracy International double stack magazine and it gives me 2.980", so even more room there. Fundamentally though, the 208's they are too heavy for the 308 case to produce anything other than a droopy trajectory. The benefits of this approach are you get a high bc bullet in a 308 so good wind drift for a 308. The downsides are: low mv therefore more drop; and of course more recoil. In comparison to a 6.5 ? Totally different. The 208 has good Windage for a 308, but much more drop and much more recoil. Not the same experience at all. If you want to get the 308 to make a more general impression of a 6.5 short action then something like the 155 Berger Hybrid will give you drop, recoil that's a bit more like it while giving better than average wind performance. Other guys may have different views. In reality its never going to compete with the long slim modern 6.5 bullets(in terms of external ballistics). The 140 Berger hybrid etc etc will kick its ass any day. Still cheaper than a new barrel... ?!
  25. Chanonry

    hornady eld match

    Interesting paper on the ELD. The comment in the middle about the melty nose effects not mattering inside 400 was somehow lost in Hornady's advertising !! I have read a couple of his books as well. As you say, very informative. He dislikes (with a passion) existing dogma on shooting styles and promptly replaces it with his own dogma ! His ideas were helpful to me up the hill and are more tools in the box. I appreciate his structured approach to thinking about terminal effects and it again is helpful however I am not sure it is really scientific? Terminal effects are highly variable with the same bullet depending on the impact point and I wonder whether it is possible for him to have enough data (given this issue) on the performance of all the bullets he talks about at all the ranges etc. Who knows. Still open mind and all that.

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