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  1. buddy.223

    284 win reloading dies

    Did you check out the prices for the new redding comp dies phew we paid £400 including 2 bushings, then got a mint full length bushing die £50. I think the match bushing sets run about £250 without any bushings
  2. Can any one tell me What is the max internal adjustment for this scope on line zeiss refer to the available one revolution ajustment 65 1cm clicks 21 moa ish is there further revolution after the zero stop .
  3. buddy.223

    Seb Joypod

    Looking for one myself - fox has none and none available to Nov dec
  4. buddy.223

    Removing cerakote

    How big a job is it to remove cerakote and repolish a barrelled action and what would it cost, saw a rifle I'd like if it didn't look like a cat puked on it - I'm puzzled why someone would cerakote a build only to put it up for sale after proof, maybe the colour looked better in their head
  5. buddy.223


    can get the vit 300 range ok havnt seen unique or bullseye lately - hard to beat tightgroup i wonder if the RS will be case sensitive loaded in the bigger round.
  6. buddy.223


    Anybody tried any of the vit, RS range of pistol powders for reduced plinking rifle loads with cast bullets .308. 303, 8mm - Tightgroup & trailboss supplies drying up.
  7. buddy.223

    Recomendations for reloading manual

    id look @ what powders u can actually get and use their reloading data most of which now listing specific bullet and primer powder combinations all will have the basic OAL, pressures. funny there was a conversation at the range on reloading manuals the other day and how now 75% of the powders listed in most are no longer available. those calibres youve listed have all the info published on the net.
  8. buddy.223

    Brass shrinkage!

    me id full size bumping the shoulders back a thou or two from the longest after theve been sized they will grow , trim then i trim to 2005
  9. buddy.223

    Brass shrinkage!

    they have simply blown out to fit the chamber, shortening in the process- (brass being sucked back) full size now and they will be fine
  10. buddy.223

    Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

    looking for a varget altern 2 of us did a test with RS50 and the 155sc using our 30" ftr rigs using both lp & palma lapua brass with varius primers .the large primer brass topped out at 46g @ 2922fps es 14 ,@ 46.3g 2915 es 23, 46.6 2908 es 37 not much diff between the fed 210 and the cci brs.45.7g gave single fig es bang on 2900 . the palma brass using the cci 450 s topped out on 45.8 @ 2864 FPS es 20, with 46g 2860, 46.2 2858. with the cci br s 46g gave 2902 es 5 and @ 46.2 2894 es 16. we found the same thing with the .223 using 69S topped out @ 3000fps on 25.5 any more and the speed reversed. seems to perform best lowest es with a gap between bullet and powder charge with compressed charge es was poor even with compressed loads the were no pressure signs, found it a little smokey on firing but not to dirty
  11. buddy.223


    washing up liquid and a dishwasher rinse aid you can get a lemon citric infused one in any supermarket dont let the brass soak in the rinse aid as it can actually discolour the brass. some tumble for 1to 2 hrs i found this peened (formed an edge on the inside of the case mouth)the mouth of the case - that you could find an initial resistance on seating the bullet as it pushed over the bump at the mouth, the only way to solve this was to realy give the case a good chamfer , i now dont go past 30 mins and if i want the primer pockets spotless steep the brass over night in soapy water no rinse aid
  12. buddy.223

    primer for RS 50 IN .308

    went up to 47g with spikes in the fps increase with an es in the 30 s with the cci 450 s, switched to the br4 s hitting 2900 fps with an es of 5 over the 5 shots @ 46g RS 50 .Reshot them again just to be sure opened a different box of 450 s swapping magneto chronos with a friend, same excellent results with the br 4, the 450 s still poor? (were certainly going to be revisiting our 6mmbr & 47 450 loads). i had a couple of suggestions that the rs 52 might be better in the palma case ? Brillo were you using palma or standard cases. i shot a few rs 50 rounds with the .223 aswell again trying to find a hodgon replacement results were pretty good for the berger 70 vld to hit the 3000 fps i needed 25.7 es just in double figs as opposed to the 25.4 of varget fron a 26" krieger using fed golds
  13. buddy.223

    primer for RS 50 IN .308

    thanks for the replies- the bullet is the 155 scenar loaded @ 2855 i stopped going any higher than the 46,5 after seeing no speed increase for 0.7g i will try going higher and got 2000 br4 today £130 to try to morrow no magtech or muron in this neck of the woods, but im looking forward to reading the primer report, the 450 has been my go to primer in both the 308 & 6.5 x47
  14. buddy.223

    primer for RS 50 IN .308

    LIke many others im trying to replicate my varget loads in 308- 155 bullets got RS50 to try in palma cases (like these for low es) using cci 450 s started working up a load @ 45.2g in .2 incs with predictable speed increases & low es to 45.8 where the speed stagnated and the es increased to the high 20 s up to 46.5 2865fps from a 29" kreiger is this the max i can expect from this combination well short of my 2920 45.7 varget load -would a different primer make any difference in the palmer case? ive been told br4 s will improve the velocity over the 450 s ?. i tried standard lapua cases & standard primers and was able to get the 2900+ @ 46.2 es in the 20 s , not the single figs of varget thougth so maybe this is the way to go?.

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