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  1. Sorry misread your post it's housing only Its still available. Bob
  2. I have for sale a Bisley Leather Slip On Shotgun Recoil Pad Stock Butt Extension I've not used it just sat in the cupboard £12 inc Postage Bob D
  3. I have a set of woods for a No4 Lee Enfield, It has been varnished but will sand up nicely or leave as is looking for £30 posted. Bob D.
  4. Bump still available try an offer! Cheers Bob.
  5. Beretta Puull Rudy Project Shooting Glasses very goog condition no marks or scratches three different colour interchangeable lenses, Scarlet, light purple & Magenta. Beretta Puull is a 3 lenses eyeglasses specifically engineered and designed for shooters to provide unparalleled fit factors and optical superiority. selling as I now need prescription shooting glasses, it always helps to see what your shooting at!. purchased last year at over £175. asking for £125 posted uk. Now £100 Bob.
  6. ZEISS shooting glasses Stewards of Bisley I'm selling these as frames only so you can add your own prescription in to them the lens is marked on the right eye ( the scope hit the lens & scratched it. They come with the case and cloth. £35 posted uk PayPal F&F. thats a great saving, take them to an optician and have your own prescription made up cheers Bob.
  7. Hi I'm selling my Beartooth stock raising kit as no longer have my shotgun As new condition selling complete set with these extra rubber raisers which are better than the foam ones 1 x medium 1 x large comes also with the original foam raisers. asking £20 Paypal F&F posted to uk. Bob.
  8. Hi David Thank you, my cases arrived yesterday morning Bob.
  9. Message sent re 308 Palma cases Bob
  10. Bob D

    Dry firing

    I was thinking of putting some Araldite in the primer hole a little bit more robust. Any thoughts on that? Bob
  11. Bob D

    Dry firing

    Hi the problem with that is my neighbors are the Special Boat Service ( Royal Marines) Poole!!!!!!!!! Bob
  12. Bob D

    Dry firing

    Thanks for the reply don’t need a big bill atm. Bob.

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