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  1. Tss is ok but as long as you load it correctly and its not cheap hence i load it as a duplex load with steel in te 20g .
  2. Furyan

    17Hornet to .223?

    Thank you
  3. Furyan

    17Hornet to .223?

    Thanks ill have a look see whats out there .
  4. Furyan

    17Hornet to .223?

    Got 6.5x47 just wanted another rifle for longish range vermin Just fancy the 223
  5. Furyan

    17Hornet to .223?

    Im thinking of moving upto the 223 form the 17Hornet Now i do like the hornet but the wind dont like it even with 30grn bullets . Im wanting to shoot out to 600-700 yrds vermin ,Any suggestions on twist, barrel, length, Bullet ? it will also be used for deer where applicable.what are the Tikka tac1 like anyone got or used one ?
  6. Not sure if you bought the 20g , but i switched over to the 20g from 12g and 10g and not looked back . All i use is none toxic (Steel and tss) but mainly homeloads i do use some homeload fiber lead loads which where origionally done for a suppressed 20g Hushpower . But the cycle perfect in my Semi auto i use a teauge 3/4 extended with steel 5 s, 4s, and 3s. in steel In tss i use 10s for duck, 9s and 7s for geese.
  7. Furyan

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    Skydancer I went all the way upto 12.4grn of DO63 for the 20grn vmax, and 11.9grn of Do63 for 25grn . I only use the 25grn now with very god long range results
  8. Furyan

    I don't even know what to say...

    Her video looks interesting
  9. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Thank you
  10. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Thanks Ronin Kaboom I am careful with powder , just spill a bit on the floor the wife's hover didn't like it.
  11. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Very 👍
  12. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    No it was a case of giving the Handle/ram a bit more Standard shell holder ,Nearly spent £400 on new press too .
  13. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    I was not going far enough with the ram to push the shoulder back, Strange thing is i have as said before loaded 17HH 223 243 308 and never encountered this . But this is the first semi custom rifle i have had weather that is anything to do with it not sure , Just happy with all the advice from all .
  14. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Ok sorted think it might have been User error on my part doh, After loading for 30yrs both shotgun and rifle this is a first . Cant say i was using the press to its full motion, Had a chat with Big AL 5min had it sorted damn i feel stupid lol.
  15. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Thank you will try as i have a extended shell holder

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