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  1. Ah ok sorry didnt realise ,Ill have to find a AW mag and try that Thank you
  2. Where can this mag be bought from like to get one for my 75 mk3 - 6.5x47L
  3. If i didnt use and like my 17Hornet so much id move them on and grab your 6br , but i cant justify shooting just rabbits and fox with a 6mm lol As i have a 6.5x47 too
  4. Sorted its gone now thanks for looking .
  5. Upps sorry thought id added the price £70 plus post for the pair
  6. Hi anybody use and interested in 2 unopened tubs of H4198 . bought it for my 17Hornet but went to a different powder .
  7. Hi i have the above rail for sale to fit cz527 as new £100 posted
  8. £125 at Spuds ..................................... Neil if you still have it after the 15th Ill be interested thank you .
  9. 130TMK are very good out of my 6.5x47L Quite explosive 😉
  10. Just bought some 139L to load in the .260 , we bought 1 box of factory Sako 139grain Scenar so hoping to try and replicate them ? we are going by Vhit data for n160 data . ?
  11. Tss is ok but as long as you load it correctly and its not cheap hence i load it as a duplex load with steel in te 20g .
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