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  1. Furyan

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    Skydancer I went all the way upto 12.4grn of DO63 for the 20grn vmax, and 11.9grn of Do63 for 25grn . I only use the 25grn now with very god long range results
  2. Furyan

    I don't even know what to say...

    Her video looks interesting
  3. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Thank you
  4. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Thanks Ronin Kaboom I am careful with powder , just spill a bit on the floor the wife's hover didn't like it.
  5. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Very 👍
  6. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    No it was a case of giving the Handle/ram a bit more Standard shell holder ,Nearly spent £400 on new press too .
  7. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    I was not going far enough with the ram to push the shoulder back, Strange thing is i have as said before loaded 17HH 223 243 308 and never encountered this . But this is the first semi custom rifle i have had weather that is anything to do with it not sure , Just happy with all the advice from all .
  8. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Ok sorted think it might have been User error on my part doh, After loading for 30yrs both shotgun and rifle this is a first . Cant say i was using the press to its full motion, Had a chat with Big AL 5min had it sorted damn i feel stupid lol.
  9. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Thank you will try as i have a extended shell holder
  10. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    Many thanks for the replys Cases once fired , I will try with the lock ring removed i have tried to rub down the lock ring on a flat surface using emery paper see if i could get a thou or so ? Cases are all trimmed cant remembered the length at the moment , But i know they are not too long. will try Redding comp shell holders today. New press on order shortly Forster coax about time it updated . Thanks again Ronin -Replied
  11. Furyan

    Lee press / Redding die

    I have had this problem for a bit as in cases not chambering in my 47L , Talk about frustrating or what now i have loaded 17HH, 223, 243, 308. All on the same press never had this problem before ?. Once fired case , de-primed , cleaned, run through FL Redding die . But they will not chamber back into same rifle . I have screwed the Redding type s bushing die all the way in to where the locking rind has no threads , Still can not push the shoulder back enough . On the shoulder New case is 1.465 . On a fired case i get 1.471. Any ideas why i can not push the shoulder back enough
  12. Furyan

    CZ 527 Bedding Questions

    Yes quite easy , after sweating over night worried if i had screwed it up .
  13. Furyan

    CZ 527 Bedding Questions

    If you look up cavedweller1959 ,Youtube Cz527 Glass edding 17 Hornet , and Cz 527 17 Hornet Glass bedding the pillars. Hope this helps i have done my 2 17Hornets thsi way and a .22 Hornet they all shoot very good now compared to straight out of the box.
  14. Furyan

    RWS Reloading Components

    Only RWS brass i have is/was .22 Hornet necked down to .17 hornet
  15. Furyan

    Nv scopes

    Thank you Blueroll and others for your inputs much appriciated .

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