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What do you use??

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With the new site i thought people would like to know what we use for Varminting/Deer stalking.


I have a Webley Longbow .22 Air-rifle for small vermin around the farm, and also some Bunny shooting(brings back great memories)

A BRNO/CZ .22rimmy with a 4-16x50 Zero Option Scope, CZ Varmint .17HMR with a Millet 6-25x56 scope, Tikka 595 de-luxe .222 S&B 3-12x50 scope, Browning A-Bolt .270 Zeiss 6x42 scope.













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Guest Scott Elliott

Well here's what's in my cabinet;

Cooper Varminter 20 Vartarg Leupold VX-III 6.5-20x40


Cooper Classic 22 lr Leupold 3-9x33 EFR


Cooper LVT 17 HM2 Leupold 6.5-20x40 EFR


Cooper TRP3 22LR 6.5-20x40 EFR


Cooper Varminter 222 Rem. Leupold VX-III 6.5-20x40


I'm really happy with the collection I've started :rolleyes:



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Guest Scott Elliott
We should call you Cooperman then ?? :blink:


Very nice collection you have.

Thanks varmartin :rolleyes:

I was joking with Dan Cooper...I'm only 32 now and you'll get a rifle a year outta me the rest of my life....Dang this is going to be fun!


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Guest varmartin

6MM BR Norma custom rem 700. Kreiger barrel Kiff bolt and speedlock spring and pin.

Jewell trigger. Leupold 6.5-20x50



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For varminting I use my Cooper Mod 21 MVT in .223 with a Leupold 6.5-20x50 LRT with the Varmint Hunters Reticule.

She loves a 52 Berger match bullet with 24.7 gns N135.



My fox rifle which is just completed is a Rem action re barrelled by Border Barrels in 6.5x47 Lapua, with a Wild Dog Varmint stock.

An awesome little round she will push a 95 Vmax at 3400fps foxes certainly are not impressed :rolleyes:




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My trusted .223 Remy 40x in a AI stock and Arnold Jewell trigger, the scope is a Nightforce 3.5-15x56




Sako 75 22.250 in a McMillan with a Mike Norris muzzle brake or A-Tec mod with a Swarofski A line 4-12x50




Sako TRG .308 with a Nightforce 5.5-22x56




CZ .17HMR with a Staffordshire synthetic stock and a AGS swat 4-16x56 scope




And lastly .223 Steyr Tactical elite scout with a maxi kite and T8, I'm cheating a bit here, I don't own this rifle now and the Kite sits on Steyr scout in .243, but I don't have any photo's





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Guest northernchris

.22RF Ruger 10/22, 14" barrel,SAK mod,Houge stock,Harris bipod,Volquartsen trigger kit inc bolt buffer,large rad on rear of bolt,Swaro 6 x 42 Habict scope.



CZ varmint .22RF ,floated barrel,SAK mod,Harris bipod, S+B 6 x 42 scope.




HW60 .17HMR 14.5" barrel,Floated barrel and bedded,Harris bipod,ASU mod,Leuplod 3-9 x 50 VX111.



Styer SSG .22-250,MacMillan one-off stock bedded,Harris bipod,Wildcat mod (soon to be changed for an A-Tec ;) )Apel mounts,Nightforce 8-32 x 56 NSX.



Sauer 202 ,6.5 x 55 SM, Harris bipod,A-Tec mod,S+B 8 x 56, Leupold QR mounts.


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Guest Scott Elliott

Very nice collection, and welcome to our UK site, nice to have you on board.



Thanks Ian I actually hope to return to the UK one day and possibly do some hunting this time.

I really enjoyed the time I spent and the people I met over the pond ;)


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Guest ALAN

In no particular order:


Stiller TAC300 action, Jewell trigger, 20MOA rail, 30" Bartlein SS 5R barrel 1/8.5" twist chambered in 6.5-284, AICS 1.5 LA, Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50mm MLR, PRI (Precision Reflex Inc.) rings.


Savage FP10LE2B, 28" Border SS 5R barrel 1/8.5" twist chambered in 6.5x47 Lapua, SSS recoil lug, McMillan A3, Near Mfg. 10MOA rail, Badger Ord. std. rings, Bausch&Lomb 10x40mm Tactical Elite Mil-dot.


Winchester M70 Custom Shop Classic Sharpshooter, 26" H-S Precision SS 10X 1/10" twist barrel chambered in .300 WM, H-S P vertical grip stock, D.D. Ross rail, Badger Ord. std. rings, Leupold Mk4 16x Mil-dot.


Winchester M70 Heavy Varmint .223, Weaver Grand Slam steel bases, Bausch&Lomb Trophy rings, Burris 6-18x40mm Duplex.


Savage 12 SS action, SSS tactical bolt handle, 28" Pac-Nor SS SuperMatch 5-groove barrel 1/7" twist chambered in .243 Win., SSS recoil lug, Bell&Carlson Varmint/Tactical Medalist stock, Warne 20MOA rail, PRI rings, Nikon 6-18x40mm fch w/dot.


KMW M40A1 clone, fully worked M700 action, 24" Obermeyer SS 5R barrel 1/11.25" twist chambered in .308, Tubb recoil lug, McMillan HTG stock, IBA (Chandler) 20MOA mount system, Leupold Mk4 M3 10x Mil-dot.


ArmaLite AR10(t), 24" 1/10" twist med. heavy barrel chambered in .308, full floated, Badger Ord. Ultra High rings. Leupold LR M3 3.5-10x40mm Premier Reticle Mil-dot.


Colt Accurized Elite (CAR-A3) CR6724 , 24" Wilson SS 1/9" twist med. heavy barrel chambered in .223, Colt/B-Square mount , Weaver KT15 Duplex.


Winchester new model 52B Sporter. .22rf, Leupold rings and bases, Weaver T10


Winchester M70 Fwt, factory original, chambered in .270 WCF, Leupold rings and bases, Zeiss Diavari C 3-9x36mm


Ruger 10/22 sporter .22rf, Tasco red dot

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for foxing and general varminting I use a cooper Model 21 in .204 ruger with a swarovski 6-18 X 50 on top.




I also use a Sako Finfire Hunter .22lr with a nikon buckmasters 4.5-14 X 40





for rabbits, pigeons etc I use a theoben rapid MK11 air rifle 30 ftlbs with a rhino 6-24X50





I also have a bakial semi auto but cant hit much with it.

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Hi guys :lol: I am using a CZ VARMINT in 17 HMR..............DSCF0997.jpg

I have also just recently aquired a ANCHUTZ model 64 target ..........

Out to 350 yds i use my SAKO 75 in 6PPC / 270 neck - krieger barrel.............DSCF1070.jpg

And for shots ( when conditions dictate ) from 350 - 600 plus i use my RPA 6.5-284 with a BORDER barrel and lazzeroni stock....DSCF1117.jpg

All the best................

RAY..................... ;) ;) :lol:

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Guest 308Panther

CZ 452 American .17HMR-Leupold QRW Rings Leupold VX11 6-18x40

Browning A-5 12 ga.

Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 ga.

Win Model 94 30-30

Win Model 70 .308 Leupold VX1 4-12x40

DPMS Panther LR 308, Leupold QRW Rings,Leupold VX11 3-9x40,JP adj trigger,Carbonfiber FFT



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I use a 22 Br cooper dscn0564editedmb0.jpg for lamping,vermin.

A 243 ackley for vermin



The 6 Br pistola for the prairie dogs and target :lol: .



The 308 for deer and vermin.



I also have a remington 220 swift,.22 sako rim and a .22 krico rim for close range vermin work.All scopes are swarovski bar the pistol with is a burris handgun scope.



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Rifles, hmm..Well some of the rifles which I use or plan to use for retirement:


3ea HS Precision/Rem700 HTR 300 win mag, PST25(1) PST 5f(2) stock, 26" fluted straight taper profile, tuned rem triggers, 2 fine duplex Loopy 4.5-14 and 1 6.5-20(for when the zombies/chinee attack)


1ea HS Precision/Rem721 300 Win mag, PSV 29 stock, 24" heavy sporter profile, tuned rem trigger, Burris Fullfield fine duplex 4.5-14(mountain rifle)


1ea HS Precision/Rem model7 7mm-08, PSV47 stock, 22" medium fluted varmint profile, jewell trigger, Loopy 2.5-8 (sweetheart black hills deer rifle)


2ea HS2000 short actions 308 BF, with triggers (project)


1ea Savage110 30-06, w/ fruitwood laminated stock, factory barrel, used by cousin


1ea Win70 Ultimate Shadow270WSM, factory stock and barrel removed after Christmas, awaiting new pipe and stock, 2 SWFA Super snipers(10x and 16x)(project)


1ea Browning BLR 308, forget scope but it were low power and free (bush rifle)


1ea RPA Quadlite Repeater, Interceptor stock, no barrel(barrelmaker is behind schedule, ha), jewell trigger


1ea RPA Quadlite Singleshot, Robertson Comp masterclass f-class stock, no barrel(same as above, damn barrelmaker), blue trigger


1ea Rem40x action 308 BF


2ea Rem700 long action magnums


1ea Rem xp100 action 308 BF


1ea Rem600 mohawk action


and more


and various bits and bobs:


2ea (sets)HS 2000 rings and bases, 1"


1ea 12-42 NXS CH3 Reticle


1ea (box) jewell, Timney, Remington triggers and parts


2ea Rem700 223 bolt bodies


4 or 5 HS unfinished short action rem varmint stocks(PSV02)


1ea HS long action rem varmint stock(PSV29), with adjustable lop


1ea Mcm A5 rem tactical stock, green marble


1ea HS Precision PSC13 (comp 40x benchrest hunter)




too many to list. Most are remington, mossberg, pump and semi auto used for waterfowling, and goose hunting, 10, 12, and 20 ga, one Browning citori lightning for trap..




1ea Browning Buckmark .22rf


1ea Colt Delta Elite 10mm




And would I love to have them all with me here.




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I had a 10mm Delta for 8 years, the 10mm cartridge was in my opinion the best auto cartridge ever developed.

I had a smith fit it with a Nowlin ramped barrel but i did the beavertail, Bomars and the trigger group.

It was a little fussey but used to sing with Nosler 155grn hollowpoints.

Those were the days. :lol:



There is a serious problem with your pictures, :lol: Your reloading bench is far to tidy :lol::lol::lol:



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I think most of you have seen this before , but just to be sociable, here is the Tikka 595 originally .243, with McMillan Sako Hunter stock, Shilen 4 profile 26" barrel in .260 Rem - short throat, Swarovski A 4 -12x50 1" tube. It shoots..... will manage less than 1/2 MOA everytime; ......


IF I do my bit!



I use 100 Gn BT in Lapua .243 brass, Federal 210M primers, Vit N160 @ 44Gns.... fairly pedestrian load for the .260 at 2860fps, however it does the business on anything except pigs.







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Hello all i work a remmy ADL in 22.250 which im looking at a H&S stock for & a jewell trigger & barrel at some point & i have a tike 695 s/s which i also plan to restock but remmy first & on top 22 i have a 2.5x10x56 S&B & on the 25cal a 2.5x10x42 swarovski.I have a .22 ansutz as well but there's some nice rifle's there & i hope to kit mine up better.

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