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When is a round a round


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18 hours ago, furrybean said:

When is a cartridge actually required to be locked away?

Is a primed case?

obviously a full loaded round is. 

We've had this debate before and it would seem that the law is as above post however our local FEO (Staffs & W.Midlands) says that primed cases are to be considered as ammo.   As I don't think it's worth falling out with our FEOs I abide by their "rule".   Maybe someone else wants to test the law in court  - good luck.

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Primed cases in a public place without a lawful excuse I believe are considered ammunition as far as the courts are concerned, although I cannot find the case reference just now. I can't remember the circumstances that lead to the case but I'm now interested so I will keep looking.

As far as holding limits go then it is only complete rounds of ammunition that count and require to be held securely.

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I think the case being referred to is R v Stubbings (1990). IIRC the defendant was found by police in a public place with a pistol (then on certificate) and a number of primed cartridge cases that could be chambered and fired in it. It was alleged that the defendant, who was not on way to or from target shooting, or apparently any other purpose authorised by his certificate, had committed an offence contrary to s19(c) Firearms Act 1968. This offence requires that he be in a public place, in possession of a firearm and ammunition for it, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse. The prosecution argued that the primed cases were ammunition for the purposes of s19. The court agreed, but this did not mean that the primed cases were ammunition for the purposes of being recorded on a firearm certificate etc. Essentially the precedent set is that blank ammunition, whilst not subject to certain controls, is still ammunition for the purposes of s19 and for the purposes of possession by a prohibited person for example.

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