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  1. Mattnall

    Colt AR mags

    Yes, but only for the M261 kit or the Bremmer rifles. They were the only mil spec 22 kits readily available in the UK, and these were 10 round inserts but would fit 20 or 30 round mags.
  2. Mattnall

    Ar15 buttstock

    MilSpec or Commercial buffer tube? I have standard length tubes if you want a fixed A2 stock.
  3. Mattnall

    Barrrel life

    I've had 223 barrels last me 14K rounds and still be competitive at PR and others need changing at 3000 rounds. I know a few top shooters in the States who will not go to the Nationals at Camp Perry with a barrel that's shot over 1000. I find as soon as I think I can shoot better than the barrel it's time to change. Usually this is between 3000 and 6000 for .223. My last barrel had just done about 5500 and I hadn't realised how bad it was - I had taken 2½ years off competitive shooting for health reasons and started this season of CSR thinking that although the scores were passable the errors were just me being out or practice. But I changed the barrel over the winter break and was surprised at the difference. I'm not as rusty as I first thought! However the virus shut-down has halted the practice I was hoping to get before the Imperial that would prove it.
  4. Mattnall


    Just because you could doesn't mean you should. Down to the fiery pit it is. 👿 Nice work though.
  5. Mattnall

    .22 lr Ar

    I have a couple available. What spec are you after? At the moment one is a CMMG bolt/barrel with a CMT flat top upper, fully floated 16" barrel threaded ½UNEF built on a Schmiesser lower and stock (with hide-away 10rnd back-up mag for the .223 - or the stock can be changed if you prefer), RRA single stage trigger. PM me if you're interested.
  6. Mattnall

    PRL Round 1 Postponed

  7. I've got some of these 60gn SSS (Sniper Sub Sonic) ammo and you're correct they are crap in a standard 22 barrel. But put them through an AR with a 22conversion kit (in a 1:8" barrel) they are extremely good, I was surprised. Not tried them at great distances but up to 50 they are very good, I wonder how the sub-sonic mv will affect longer range performance. If they could make them faster then the longer distances would be interesting to see, but perhaps then you might as well get a WMR.
  8. Mattnall

    Markers Bisley

    Just found this old thread: Old Thread.
  9. Mattnall

    Markers Bisley

    The zero range is 71'7"
  10. Mattnall

    Markers Bisley

    The zero range is good to 'get you on target' but not much else. The only way to get a proper zero on the range is to actually shoot that range. A small error in sight picture or zero might not show up at 70-odd feet but at 1000yards it could be a huge error, but you know that I'm sure.
  11. Mattnall

    Dillon stockist UK?

    If it's replacement of broken or worn out parts Dillon will send them for free.
  12. Which are?... I was told that Gardner owns the danger area land and needs to agree to any potential round incursion but so far there is no agreement. Not saying anyone is in the wrong but it appeared to me that it wasn't a straight forward done-deal - yet. I was hoping this was sorted.
  13. Mattnall

    New component parts to be numbered ?

    Unfortunately it is UK Law now, it would involve someone actually thinking it was worthy of parliamentary time to repeal this and all the comments mentioning 'public safety' would go against us as the firearms community. It will be ignored right up until the moment the powers-that-be deem someone (an RFD) unworthy and want a stick to beat them with.
  14. Has there been a problem with the danger area? I hope it's all been resolved if there was.
  15. Mattnall

    New component parts to be numbered ?

    Yep, that's the letter I got and it upset Cambs/Beds/Herts when they found out. 😆

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