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  1. I have some of these little rounds that I'll never use for various reasons, for one I don't have a rifle to take them, I bought a bunch of .17 ammo from a club member who was giving up his FAC and not all of it was HMR - Doh! These are CCI with the Hornady V-Max 17gn bullet. Anyone want these? £10 per box of 50, or £75 for 500? I have 10 boxes taking up valuable ticket space. Collection in person or I'll bring along next time I'm at Bisley. I would consider meeting up halfway if not too far.
  2. This is because Mils is not short for milliradians. There are 2π radians in a circle or roughly 6283 milliradians. Mils were a military approximation to the milliradians and from what I've heard the west/allies? went with 6400 because it is easily divisible for standard compass points but the Russians and some others went with 6000 as a more rounded figure. It gets confusing when people keep calling them milliradians or worse still, mil-rads. They'll be calling 'bullets', 'heads' soon and if enough people doeventually it'll become right.😉
  3. That was lucky, just missed your thumb.😉
  4. 😬Now you've done it. There will be many posts from those telling you how you should spend it.
  5. He had a bomb. If he is still moving, keep shooting. Oh, and don't hit the bomb! Afterwards it wasn't a bomb but the assumption and from reports, a bomb was in the mix so act accordingly I'd have thought. And brave to walk towards someone that may blow up the whole area, you along with it.
  6. Gotta love regiment bashing.
  7. Don't do it, it can serve no purpose other than to state a previously private, but stolen, firearm was used in a criminal shooting. Adds to statistics against civilian ownership of firearms. Once the police recover your firearm they can trace it back to you easily and forensics will fire it to not only get a bullet but also a recently fired case to link any other crimes. Only if they recall every case from every stolen firearm to check against a found case could it even potentially help them and all it will add to the investigation is to link your name to the crimes - there is no cri
  8. Argh! Stop running, start using. 🤨
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