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  1. Only in regard to buying or attempting to buy.
  2. As mentioned above the best way to get involved with CSR is to enter the next match. Feb's is a good one to enter, the CQB/Urban Contact match is always fun and most never shoot below 100yds, this match will take you down to 25yds. The Skills Course is also worth it and it will give you an heads-up on what to expect at a match. It'll also give you some practice at a sample of a few stages in a typical match. These are NRA run by staffed by CSR shooters so any questions you may have can be answered from an experienced view point. We'd love to see on the next course, 12th March is the next
  3. I think this is the case I was referring to in the previous post. As I understand it the offence is a primed case in a public place with no lawful excuse is to be considered as ammunition. The result was primed cases were fine as long as you had the lawful excuse or were at home etc. I cannot find the exact precedent despite looking in all the books I have here, no doubt it'll turn up and I'll be corrected.
  4. The first line of the quoted text from the VCR Act doesn't mention possession at all, only buying or attempting to buy (and I believe later on in the act it mentions the same conditions for selling or attempting to sell).
  5. Primed cases are not live rounds and are not considered as such (except in a public place without lawful excuse according to case law iirc). Primed cases are to be dealt with in the same way as primers when it comes to buying or selling only but not possession (I think s35 of the VCR Act refers). Once you make a live round you need authority to possess that calibre/cartridge you've just made.
  6. I have 500 rounds of CCI 17Mach2 17gn ammo that I no longer have a rifle for, how these hid away so well I'll never know. I would like £10 per box of 50, open to offers for more than one box (10 boxes in total). Face-2-face locally or delivery to Bisley and must have some valid reason to possess🙂.
  7. I'm sorry, I saw you were doing it after but it was your suggestion that you were going to try it the other way, which was why I mentioned it.
  8. Should you be trimming before sizing? What length are you going to trim to? As soon as you resize that will all change.
  9. I have used the app for steel shooting and they record the sound of the bullet hitting the target. This seems to confuse the timer and you often get something like 18 'hits' from a 10 shot string.
  10. I use MPro-7 on 22 rim fires. It removes the residue from firing even if it has been allowed to build up a bit. 😳
  11. In relation to the post I was replying to it was a valid point. As you say (and the post I was replying to referred); if it is not listed it is not an obsolete calibre and must be on license, if it is listed as obsolete then the reason you want it (to shoot or to look at) will determine if it needs to go on FAC or not.
  12. Seems logical to me. I think you're missing the fact that if you want it purely "as a curiosity or ornament" then it's exempt from certification, but if you want to shoot it then the FA will apply and you'll need to put it on FAC. I have an original 1853 Volunteer rifle and it's exempt and kept on display in the house. When I wanted to shoot it it went on my FAC and I had to lock it up (not easy with a rifle so long). As soon as I got tired cleaning it I told the FLD that I'd finished shooting it and it was once again an ornament and it came off my FAC.
  13. Quoted from The Antique Firearms Regulations 2021 Cartridges specified under section 58(2B)(b) of the Firearms Act 1968 2. The description of cartridges specified for the purposes of section 58(2B)(b) of the 1968 Act are set out in the Schedule to these Regulations. Schedule can be found at: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2021/215/schedule/made I think this has the full list but I may be wrong. I believe the 12.7x44 is known by several different names so it could be on the list but I cannot find 12.7x44.
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