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Tikka T3X .223 & KRG XRay Chassis, inc. moderator and muzzle brake

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Hi all, I’m selling my .223 Tikka T3X Varmint in a KRG XRay chassis. I’ve managed to source a .223 barrel and bolt for my .308 so the T3X is surplus to requirements.

It’s got a 20” barrel and is a 1:8 twist. It’s in good condition overall, with the main defect being damage to the furthest forward bolt hole on the top of the action. I used a direct mount for my scope and didn’t notice it as an issue whatsoever. There’s a residue of some sort also on the top of the dovetail that I can’t seem to remove, but doesn’t affect the rifle at all!

The underside of the forend has also been modified slightly to accept the Black Rifle Company Arca rail. 

It comes with everything shown in the photos:

  • KRG XRay chassis with toolless LOP adjustment, flat bag rider and Arca rail (total new for this setup would be £739)
  • 10rd Accurate AICS .223 magazine
  • Sako/Tikka M18x1 ‘Tactical’ muzzle brake, self-timing.
  • Ase Utra Jet Z .22 cal moderator, cerakoted. 

I’m after £1,000 including RFD fees for the whole package please.

Kind regards,


Dr. S



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Just for information.

Residue might come off with a loctite specific product. We used to have this at work and think it was acetone based ie nail polish remover might work. 
I have mounted a pic rail on my 223 varmint and used the tikka recommended green loctite which sticks like you know what . A bit of heat from a hairdryer might help.

As said it won’t affect the rifle if you’re using a dovetail mount. 

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I’m potentially splitting this. I have people interested in the chassis, muzzle brake and moderator.

If I can source a standard T3 stock and magazine (along with the little magazine spring), would anyone be interested in the rifle for £500?

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