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Repairs to eotech sight.


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Hi. My 512 eotech is starting to dim and I am losing the reticle in bright days. It never used to do that.

I emailed eotech about sending it back for repair.  The scope is dated 2014. They replied to my email with a number to enable to to send it them in America.  I had to pay $79. That's when the problems started. It needed me to fill in my details ( for  the card payment as they already knew I was from Scotland) but it would not allow me to enter it. It would only allow address's from America . I emailed again but this time they said they had missed I was sending it from Scotland and not to send the sight to them.

They are going to contact their international division to see if it is possible to get my sight fixed . I have not heard back but that was only a few days ago . I will wait a few days yet before I try again.

Had anyone else had to have a eotech sight repaired in the UK?

Many thanks 


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My sight got posted away on Tuesday 11july. It arrived back this morning in my hands in the North of Scotland.  They fixed the diming problem and fitted new front and rear lenses also a general service.

All this including postage back for a standard charge of $79.

Amazing service .

Well done to them.


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Glad I’ve seen this thread.

I need to remember this as my Eotech doesn’t seem itself lately.


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I sent mine for repair a while ago (same dimming issue) - no customs issues coming back - but I had to pay $199 for the international out of warranty repair. The $79 is the mainland USA repair cost, so the OP got lucky!

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