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Single feed "sled"

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Can anyone point me in the direction (if there is one) of an AICS based sled to single feed. 

I want to have a go at bench rest and f class at a club I'm joing to see if it's something I like/want to invest time and money into, and I know one rule is no magazines only single feeding. Being a new club I'd like to not show up and annoy the comp organiser by not being prepared. 





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Magazines are allowed in situ, but the rifle must be single-loaded in both disciplines in which case the mag acts as a platform. (This was the case for generations of Service Rifle and TR of course with the Enfield No.4 rifle.) If your rifle will feed a cartridge placed on top of the mag/feed lips, you don't have a problem.

Certainly a well designed and fitting 'sled' helps if you go into BR seriously as quick, smooth loading is very desirable.

If it's PSSA Diggle matches, you're looking at, magazine fed 'tactical' type rifle users have their own F sub-class, F-Military, which is heavily subscribed. (That makes four classes in these matches in the calendar - Target Rifle; F-Open; F/TR; F-Military.) F-Mil. F-Mil restrictions are:



To clarify FTR, F open & Target Rifle are run generally in line with Bisley rules, the Diggle f Military rules are as follows :-

1.       Any centre fire calibre can be used up to & including .338

2.       There are no restrictions on the weight of the rifle used.

3.       Folding Bipods (Harris style) must be capable of being deployed within 10 seconds & must be no wider than 8 inches when stowed. i.e. No fixed Bipods.

4.       Back bags are to be of soft bean bag type. Bag riders & leather back bags are not permitted.

5.       Muzzle devices i.e. Breaks & suppressors are optional.

6.       Barrel tuners are not permitted.


 If you still want a sled, this outfit may be able to help. (I got one for a Howa Mini 1500 Oryx from them recently)


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