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Barrel shortening, loss of accuracy

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Question for the gunsmiths out there, I have a Rem 700 VSSF in 22/250, the gun is a solid .5 moa gun,(even after 1000 rnds) but combined with a north star mod is very nose heavy and quite cumbersome for nighttime use, I fancy having the 26” barrel cut to 22” and changing the mod for something lighter, in your experience with regard to the rifle barrels you have cut down, can cutting a know accurate 26” barrel down to 22” ruin the accuracy?

looking forward to hearing your thoughts/ experiences..

Thanks BB.

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Not had reports back of loss of accuracy from one’s I’ve done 

By removing 4” of barrel, you are creating a stiffer “tube” and there will be different harmonics, in addition a change of mod may also affect harmonic resonance in the barrel.

Expect VO to drop 50-75 fps 


all these factors may and I underline may affect your current loads accuracy 

Fine tweaking may be required to the load 

Notwithstanding the above, the other factor that may affect a shortened barrel is damage or pitting in the area where the nee muzzle will be which is something to consider when the barrel is assessed by your gunsmith 


The short answer is it might 


the long answer is above that 👍🏻

The only true test is to get it done and see 



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No problem 


hope it works out and there’s no changes in accuracy👍🏻

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