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  1. british bulldog

    .308 reloading clear out

    Dies and bullets sold.
  2. Now the .308 has gone I am clearing out the cupboard, Redding type s match die set 36155, This is the full length bushing die with the seater with the micrometer top, comes with a nitride bushing size .334. SOLD Hornady A-max 155gr #30312 unopened box Hornady A-max 168gr #30502. 73 count. Hornady SST 150gr # 30302. 83 count. SOLD.. I can email pictures of dies if required. Thanks.
  3. british bulldog

    .308 semi custom

    To answer a few questions- The bare rifle weighs about 8lbs, it has never been used as a range gun the 300 rnds were load development, load testing and deer stalking. There are 50 new cases and a few 155gr Amax, loaded ammo is also 155gr Amax which are included in a ftf deal. hope this helps. BB
  4. british bulldog

    .308 semi custom

    I will include a lee die set and loaded ammo ( if picked up ftf) and some new cases.
  5. british bulldog

    .308 semi custom

    Pictures sent ....
  6. For sale,I've decided to sell my .308 custom built on a Remington VSSF action, it was built my Neil Mckillop aka dasherman, it's fitted with a Pac-nor super match barrel 1 in 11 twist heavy sporter profile ( one profile lighter than a Remington varmint profile) threaded 5/8" with a invisible end cap and finished at 22". The stock is the old style HS precision with the thinner pistol grip and the action is bedded into this stock. I've fired about 300 rnds through the gun.Also included is a jet z sound mod which was new with the gun so also 300rnds through it. The gun and mod are in vgc.I'm selling as I prefer my 6.5x55 for stalking. £750 for both gun and sound moderater. Also included are a set of Leupold mounts.I can email photos if required.Thanks for looking. B B
  7. british bulldog

    The Grail

    Well done Dave, I wish I still had my Venom 77 fitted with a Trophy stock from my FT days.
  8. british bulldog

    53g vmax 22-250

    Yes, I tried them in my 22/250 with a 14 twist and the best I could get was a 4" group, the same rifle will group 50gr vmax into a 1/2" group. Also tried them in another 22/250 the same day with the same result, they need a 12 twist to stabilise, so ok in a standard .223 12 twist.
  9. british bulldog

    Tikka M558

    Very well made model, had a .308 model about 10years ago. Another gun I shouldn't have sold.
  10. british bulldog

    If you could choose one caliber for foxes, what would it be?

    I've owned .204, .223 6mmbr and .243 and have also used .17 rem and .222, but I have used a .22/250 for the last five years and I have to say it just does the job. I reload but even if I didn't most shops keep ammo which can't be said of exotics like .204 and .17 rem.
  11. AYA Yeoman get's my vote, if you shop about you'll get a beauty for £100.
  12. british bulldog

    venision sausage

    Egg yokes are a good way to add fat and moisture to sausages and burgers, 1 yoke for each lbs of meat.
  13. british bulldog

    Blaser R8 6mmbr

    After having a 6mmbr, I would go for a 6xc.
  14. Up on the edge of the moors where I shoot, 100 in a couple of hours with the rimfire is no problem.

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