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UPS are muppets


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I recently purchased a ZERO press and various related gubbins from Area 419, which should arrive shortly.

However, I’ve had a bunch of muppets from UPS brokerage (East Midlands Airport) phoning and emailing me asking for details of the firearm or firearms components I’m importing.

Ive made it clear none of the items are firearms components, and need no declaration.

I think it’ll be opened by Customs, who will see everything is fine and as described by me.

Has anyone else experienced the tomfoolery that is UPS East Midlands?

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Normal for UPS - anything they think might be gun related they hold and send the receiver a form to complete saying what the items are.

It's annoying, but no big deal.#If you want to get the stuff you ordered, complete the form and wait for delivery - simples





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Its all Because the forms filled out in the USA

seller listed as  "Area 419 Firearms"

Thats why they ask.  Its Annoying not worth messingwith, just fill out the form send copy of FAC (YES I KNOW ITS NOT CONTROLLED)

It just get the wheels moving faster.

Just wait till they send the charges. Then you will have reason to scream.

I ALLWAYS ask for any item  NOT to be shipped by UPS.

When UPS the carrier, i will find item elsewhere shipped by others. There fees are awful.

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Thanks all.

Ive imported numerous rifles, chambered barrels and other firearms bits from the US before. I’m well versed in much of the paperwork. Mind you Parcelforce made that easier.

I do think what didn’t help was Area 419’s branding, with a great big Rifle image on their invoice sheet which gets attached to shipment. Clearly the people at UPS freaked out when they saw it and started to raise questions.

Just pretty poor tbh. Phone calls out of the blue, difficult to hear the messages. Just a pain. 

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1 hour ago, Catch-22 said:

Area 419 charge flat rate of $200 for UPS Expedited. 
UPS charged £12 brokerage fee. 
HMRC was £349

This was on a £1,700 order.

Probably still cheaper than getting it from a UK supplier if they are still importing them.

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3 hours ago, John MH said:

Probably still cheaper than getting it from a UK supplier if they are still importing them.


I did check around in the U.K. but no one was stocking a zero press, let alone an extra turret and lock rings etc.

You are right, if there was a stockiest, costs would have been an extra £200-£300 on what I paid I’m sure.

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