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284Win 190Atips - ELR training ticket


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Has anyone tested the 190gr Atips from a  284Win? I had a barrel spun up by MIk 1.8Twist 31" for this purpose to get the 190 atips at 2800fts. With a BC of .422 almost as high as the 300GR berger .338 the data looks very intriguing.

According to the ballistic data I had researched, this combo should equal the wind drift specs of my 300NormaMag with 215bergers at 3200fts. Less powder and barrel wear and great training round. 👇


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What powder do you use too get 2800fps..

I tried them in my 1 in 9 7mm 270 a couple of years ago..

Had them shooting bugholes at 100yds doing 3000fps but at 1000yds they were shotgunning..

Twist wasn't fast enough too stabilise them..

I found that out in a big comp..

Switched back too the 180gr hybrids and it shot great again..

My 1 in 8.25 saum shoots the 190gr Atips nice aswell..


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57.5gr N165 in a 1.8twist. I will next put this round head to head with a 300NM at 1000yards to see wind drift patterns on paper when both rifles are shot simultaneously head to head at the same time with same dope on the windage.

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I tested the new batch of N165 yesterday..

I've already found out the velocities were down so I went up 1gr and gave them a whirl..

The 195s shot around 0.5 inches and need a bit more work..

The 190gr Atips shot well but I think the stray shot was me...

Seem to be finding my eyes are straining and blurring a bit and I have too wait for it too clear..

There was a little heat haze I think..

Photo is 5 shot group at 100yds with 190gr.

4 in the 1 hole then a deserter.

Not too bad considering the barrel has done 2260 shotsScreenshot_20230205_134112_Gallery.thumb.jpg.87a1efac7757d40a32788ce5b6bb355f.jpg

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Retested the 190gr Atip load I tried last weekend and they repeated nicely today..!!

I tried upping the load by 0.2grs and the bolt had a very slight resistance and the group was horizontal so  I'll stick with the first load.

Again 5 shot group at 100yds


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It may be short lived accuracy as the barrel has done nearing 2300 shots.

I'll likely shoot it until it dies but not in a big match. 

It's always shot the Atips like this until I started on a new powder..

I didn't try it for accuracy with the new batch of powder only chronied it..

It was that much slower I thought it best too get speed up too where it did like it..

Still likes it at that velocity..!!

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