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Ckye Pod HD quick review

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We (Czech Tactical) have used many bipod over three decades of shooting. The humble Harris has always been good but tech moves on…… so does the price. A BRMS Harris will set you back £100 or so, a OEM AI AXMC bipod about £250. So I was expecting something exceptional with the MDT HD Ckye Pod at about £800. 
First impressions were that compared to the the AI bipod it’s big, heavy and the legs are looser than a Holbeck girls on Saturday night. 
So what’s all the hype about? Really I would say versatility. Fancy pan and and tilt functions are nice as is the plate adapter option - Picatinny or Arca Swiss but for me it comes down to two key things:
Firstly leg spread so you can go from a wide f-class type spread to narrower spreads giving more height - the bipod is usable for sitting position.
Secondly with a long picatinny rail under the forend tube you can slide the bipod along the rail - this is a big plus for me as you can set it up for maximum stability at the end of the rail or slide it back closer to the magazine for easy setup in sitting position. It’s literally a push button to do this. 
For PRS stuff the bipod can be used as a barricade stop or to sandwich a shooting bag in place. When weighted the legs become solid.
First impressions were not positive, second impressions after some use were much better. We would like closer tolerances with regard to the play in the legs and also the skateboard tape on the legs although very functional is a bit cheesy for a £800 bit of kit.


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Having watched one in use, they are very versatile. I guess the mechanical slop is to keep them usable in very dirty conditions, but I do think the tolerances could be reduced without impacting on performance. Like all these things, they require practice to get the best out of them. 



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