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Moderator cover

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I have several and they’re excellent - you can really ratchet down the straps so the cover is tight on the mod so it won’t budge. With the ‘Metal Python Cover’, the clips are steel, so no fear of bending or snapping.

Again, made to measure in a variety of colour combinations. 

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1 hour ago, Jeffo1960 said:

How good are they, doing 10 shot stings regarding mirage. Catch-22

Yeah pretty good. Significantly better than without one.

But I’d say most of these covers are pretty similar to each other. Most use 1000D Cordura for the outside material and the same heat/flame resistant inner liner.

I think the key difference between the various makers is the fitting system. Some are fully stitched so you slide it over the mod and use those strickta/bungee chords. Some have Velcro straps but the buckles are plastic with various degrees of strength.

I like the Cole Tac, partly because you can customise your mod cover & straps, but mainly because the cover has 4x straps and with metal buckles you can ratchet them down so the cover doesn’t shift. 
The cover is also custom made to measure, so it’s a perfect fit.

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3 hours ago, Jeffo1960 said:

Thanks for that, why I was asking as they do another one, bit more money, but it is heavier, will give one a try thanks again 

If you’re referring to the more expensive ‘Full Auto’ version, then you won’t need it - as you’re not firing full auto. 
Their regular moddy cover will melt if using on something like an M4 doing full mag dumps. Which you’re not, so don’t need to worry about it. 👍

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