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Hi all looking for recommendations for a shooting tripod going to be fitting a Spartan adaptor on top wondering what’s out there before spending a fortune with Scott country on a carbon fibre one looking to use it for rabbit and fox shooting at night might have to carry so lighter the better that being said would rather cry once so price not the only consideration 


cheers. Bb

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Hello mate .

I would have to say the Rekon  carbon fibre one 👍 got mine from Scott county I was a little doubtful at first as my rifles are quite weighty especially when fully kitted up with NV or thermal . But this is a really sturdy and light piece of kit .

I use mine exclusively for foxing and lambing and found it to be an absolute godsend. Also very handy on these summer evenings when your doing a bit of long range varminting . 
here’s mine easily taking my TRG and there a big old girl . 

You can see from the close up what sort of Mount it is , hog or pig saddle I’m not too sure . All I know it’s the one that come with it and it work brilliantly. 



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For ultimate stability avoid a tripod with a centre column. Also something I have recently taken from an advanced user of tripods, Phil Velayo, he doesn’t use a clamp unless absolutely necessary. It changes POI, use a bag on top of the tripod. 

This is a lightweight model that gets good reviews in the usa  



This one is heavier and more stable. It used to be £200. Which I regret not buying at that price myself. 


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The very reason I bought one with a clamp on was to hold the rifle. Using a tripod with a bean bag instead of a clamp is all well and good if your shooting a PRL comp jumping all over settees , garden walls while doing a handstand oh and you don’t mind the dirty looks from other competitors. But I really don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark trying to balance a rifle on top of a beanbag whilst trying to secure a tripod all while trying to call a fox in to the gun and then having to keep lifting it up and down in between  but if that’s what you want that’s fine. But I want something I can set up with all my NV gear in a position while I’m scaning the field with my thermal and calling foxes. Talking on phone to boss ( land owner) and the occasional visit to the little boys room. I don’t want to be lugging a rifle all over the place. I might as well just use a bi pod and slinging the whole thing over the bonnet. 
but like I said these are the reasons why I bought the type I did 

i think this is just another one of those situations where you have to work out what your needs are and  what your expectations from using a tripod are  dont for a minute think there comparable to shooting off a good bipod prone or a bench … there really not and there is a different skill set required to shoot very long distances with them accurately and consistently . But I’m not shooting benchrest of F class so no need to dwell. 
I will say they are NOT for everyone, in hunting applications I know plenty who would rather a good set of sticks . So try ( if possible ) before you shell out your hard earned. 

I always found that Mr 260 rips gave a good explanation and the benefits of using a tripod for the same reasons I did and it would seems for the same reasons you want one . 

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