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300 PRC


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Good Morning, folks

I hope you're all doing well. 

I just wanted to pick your brains as to the suitability of 300 PRC for possibly going out to a mile?

My situation is that, unfortunately I don't have the time or space to reload and, if I am completely honest, I am lacking in the knowledge part too, but the first 2 reasons are my biggest hurdle.

To that end I am reliant on factory ammo. I would like to get out to a mile (it's good to have a goal), pure target shooting and I have been mulling over the best ammunition to do this with. I have enough upfront finance for a decent rifle and glass but the prolonged 'renewable' cost of ammo is a big consideration. 

My initial feelings are that 300 RUM, 300 Norma and 338 Lap, whilst great rounds, do seem to be that bit too pricey at over £4 a pop, I can't find factory 30 Nosler anywhere, so that has me thinking about either 300 Win Mag or the PRC. I know there's much more choice for the WM and the ammo's cheaper but the PRC seems to have the better high BC/longer bullets for getting out that bit further and it's not too pricey. I have also seen the PRC for sale at a couple of places over here now.

I've been lurking on here for a while and what you blokes don't know about shooting you could write on a chicken's lip, so any advice as to whether this is a feasible round for the mile and just your general opinions on it would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks Tenex, much appreciated.

My apologies I should have caveat-ed my original post with saying that I had read most of the articles out there, including Ryan Cleckner who rates it very highly.

I was really after the opinions of UK shooters given that, whilst ballistics don't change, UK range, ammo and gun availability, not to mention prices do in comparison to the US.

Just as a side note I put this into tactical because I would look at getting this in a magazine fed build.

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Go on youtube and watch Mark and Sam after work, very watchable and they are real experts at this long range stuff. Especially watch the episode comparing the 300prc to the 300 win mag. All your questions will be answered.

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Im chasing a mile as well., but after seeing this,  Im going to stick with my 6.5CM and spend the money i save on ammo.

Mark is using 140Grain Berger if you dont want to wade through all the comments.



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Thanks Martin, and good luck with the chase, mate.

I'm pretty sure that Mark (as in Mark and Sam) loads all his own ammunition, (although I am happy to be corrected if I've got that wrong) which, unfortunately isn't an option for me, I would only be using factory. Whilst I know a mile is possible for the Creedmoor, the general consensus seems to be that past 1000 (with factory) the bigger, high BC 225s from the 300PRC match, would be a better bet.

The difference in the factory ammo (aside from the Creedmoor having better availability) seems to be that the 6.5 is ball park £30 to £35 for a box of 20, where as the PRC is £50 for 20, so there's no getting away from the fact that the 6.5 has the 300 licked in that department. But given the amount of shooting that I would do (the mile wouldn't be the only discipline that I dabble in) that extra cost is just inside what I would accept for a long gun ammo costs.

Also, if I am totally honest with myself, I prefer a thumper.

In terms of build costs for a rifle with the same specs, I don't know what the difference in cost would be going from a 6.5 to a long action 30? That's something I'd have to run past Baldie?


Thanks again fellas

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There is little difference in action prices or stocks. Bear in mind if you decide to go macmillan/grs etc , and want a floor plate conversion, long actions are difficult to get, and horrendously expensive, you would also need bedding etc.

The one I chambered the other day, is going in a long action MDT ACC. Does away with the issue.

Video's showing what IS possible in Australia/USA have no relevance here. They are in much warmer, sunnier climes than we are, which has a much smaller effect on velocities [negativly ] 

I remember shooting my creed with 123 grain bullets at 1450 yards, and it was transonic, and going allover. My pal shooting 140's from a .260 was hitting them, but he was on the edge of transonic, or they could simply have been going through the barrier better.

A mile is unattainable supersonically, in creed, so you are always going to have to have a bit of luck on your side in the UK anyway.

Use enough gun.

I shot my norma mag at Gardners last year, and went all the way out to a mile, no problem at all. The 2K gong, i hit, but it was again going transonic, and not reliably repeatable.

Chap at the side of me, hit it a few times with a 30 nosler [which is slightly smaller than the norma] but very similar to the 300 PRC. Difference was, he had a higher BC bullet in the form of the 230 grain A-tip, where I was using the 225 ELDM.

I've since bought some of the A-tips, and intend to prove the theory.

2K is at the end of the Norma's range i believe.

If I was building a gun [and I may do a barrel for the AXMC ] it would be a 33XC for 2k.

That would do it better, with a higher strike rate I believe.

338 bullets and a 338 bolt face.

About as far as you can go, without going into much, much more expensive territory of .375/408/416 etc.

Those guns are not cheap, and neither is the ammunition [ when you can get the components ]

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