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  1. I think its best to sit it out until its safe to travel without the risk of catching or spreading C19. Stay safe.
  2. I don't like it but much will depend on the price point.
  3. Mad some burgers last night with 75% venison and 25% belly pork, they were much better.
  4. Had an off line update, seems to be a very egotistical sport for some of the proponents involved in setting things up. Big egos usually indicate insecurity of some sort and people with them are best left to there own fantasy worlds.
  5. Good idea, I like Port and Raspberry Jus with Venison Steaks
  6. Did you mean, pork rather than port. Yes I think that would help with texture.
  7. Has anyone got a recipe for Venison Burgers? Mine are a bit dry and don't hold together well.
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