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Rem Refurb - 7mm Rem Mag

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A quite tired Remington 700 arrived a couple of months ago for a rebarrel (when the ordered barrel arrived)

The rifle had been bought as a donor and was "well used" 

Stripped it down and set about blueprinting the action and bolt in the lathe.

Once the componant parts had been thoroghly washed in degreaser and ultrasonic cleaner, I set the action up in a fixture to align the action so its absolutely concentric, then recut the threads, action abutments and action face.

That done, I set the bolt up in another fixture and trued the action rear lugs, OD of the lugs and action face, cleaning up a few years of abuse and wear.

The bolt was then put in yet another fixture and the old handle turned down for one of Dave Wyldes Tactical Bolt Knobs

Now the action was as good as new (or better, as all surfaces were concentric to each other)

The barrel - a fluted Sassen 8.5 Twist in Med Palma was then fitted, chambered in 7mm Rem Mag (min SAAMI reamer) with the muzzle threaded M18 x 1 and having a knurled protector fitted

Once Proofed, the barrelled action, secondhand williams steel bottom metal and used bedded PSE E Tac stock was taken for refinishing to Geoff at Liquid Steel Design (who does all my coating work to high standard)


Trigger Tech trigger fitted too, breaking at 3 lb and Tier One 0 MOA Base

I think the images of the finished rifle speak for themselves -


Only image during truing action 



Bolt handle and face, with new rivetted extractor






Finished Rifle










Range Report hopefully will come in when the owner breaks in the barrel 

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One of the first E Tacs Edi ( mine ) - been a superb stock and hopefully the new owner will have use of for many years to come 


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Yes quite a few caused by stiff bolt on over pressure home loads that the end user then attempts to open with a mallet or similar - which usually ends in the claw being bent and silver solder / braze failing 


Only solution is new bolt handle and re braze 

Not terribly difficult to do ,,,,,but easy to get wrong and mess up the secondary cam extraction timing 

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