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Ulfhednar Winter Bolt Comp Video

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Vid from this years Ulfhednar Winter Bolt Competition - Pre Covid-19


Lots of SSG 3000 and Vision Chassis in action.


Superb PRS Kit



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Interesting video and comp, watched it a couple of times. Be interesting to see what the ‘scores’ were i.e. % of hits.

Couple of observations/thoughts:

All stages were sensible distances with the pressure being time and/or movement, multiple target distances & sizes i.e. not a calibre race 😎

At least one person dialling on a stage between different distances which I found ‘interesting’ (aka ‘strange approach?’)

No golden BB stage (excellent!)

IMHO Found the use of not one, but two tripods  very disappointing - all good to that point 😔

As you say some nice kit and natural feel to the environment /stages, the short range stages on a ‘range’ was proportionate.



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Those SSG look slicker than a greased weasel!!

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The stages are I believe out to 1000 mtr and some beyond so not all close and targetry is reduced size on some closer stages


Certainly  not easy from previous competition videos I’ve seen of this and the Viking Rifle Series 

Id love to go across and have a go but finances preclude this at present (assuming I stay healthy this may be a future list tick)

SSG 3k - yes they are superb actions and “adequately accurate”

Certainly the ones I have seen are and mine is lovely to cycle and damn accurate too 


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