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A couple of Painted AR's

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Nice to do a colour other than black!

I build quite a few AR's and they usually are what I call my basic CSR rifle....and usually black.

Here's a couple of recent ones.



This one has an 18" barrel and brake in armour black.

Upper is a cross machine, converted to side charge.

Cross machine fore end

Lower is an Aero with Magpul furniture, tuned std trigger.

Paint is Cerakote burnt bronze.

My favourite combination, and always looks good.

The second is this one


Bartlien 20" national match profile blank, with brake.

Cross machine upper.

Aero lower.

Triggertech trigger.

cross machine fore end

magpul UBR stock and grip

Tangodown front grip and various sling attachments.

Paint is Cerakote Sig Dark Grey, and Armour black.

The customer send his scope and mount in for zeroing on the gun, so I took it to the range.

Its only a six power max scope, which is always interesting to zero.

Anyway, I walked it off the sand, onto a target and put 10 ads of GGG down it , to break it in and wake it up.

About average for Mil spec ammo. Its cheap, and its good enough for CSR.


I then thought I'd try my usual generic handload, which works in all my AR's.

77 grain sierra matchking

24.5 grains of V140

BR4 primer.

Shooting off a bipod with a 6 power scope, I sent 5 rounds at the target, not knowing exactly where they had gone.

I had a squint through another scope and could see one hole. Thought to myself, "where have the other 4 gone " ?

Walked down to the target and got a shock.


This is why I always recommend handloads in my AR rifles.

Sure, they will shoot mil spec for CSR, but Handloads will always give quite an astounding edge.

Both these rifles are bound for the winter league at Bisley.



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The Sig dark grey looks very tidy! - purposeful 



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Dave im up your way around the 17th will they be at yours ?

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No derek, on has gone to Bisley already, the other will be going this next week.

I always have guns in stock though. There are a couple in now.

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Anytime buddy, buzz me first in case i'm at the proof house, its almost weekly these days.

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