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.284 win build.


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Personally, I would try MikMak at Dolphin arms. He put together a nice .284 rig for me a year or so ago using a 34'' Bartlein heavy barrel with a 1:8 twist. Goes like a dream and he's a nice bloke to deal with!

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I’ve just built a 284 win on a T3 action for a customer using a Brux 9T barrel supplied by Brian Fox who has a few in stock


Mik reprofiled it 




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Have to agree most Bartleins shoot very well 


Half Moa would be the least expected of 284 win with appropriate twist and 180 hybrids

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They are at the higher price bracket 

cut rifled on computer controlled rifling machines that make excellent quality and dependable accuracy 


If you buy a Bartlein you will likely get it shooting very well


That being said there’s nothing wrong with Sassen and Lothar Walther button formed barrels 


Sassen also make excellent cut rifled barrels as do GB barrels if you are looking at UK source 

There are numerous other excellent brands - benchmark, Kreiger, Brux, Tru Flight, Pac Nor etc etc etc 


Ive yet to have any rifle I’ve made shoot less than expected accuracy with home loads with most of the barrels named above 

I wouldn’t be set on any particular brand unless your shooting at competition level 


Uou may be able to tell the difference then 



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