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.303 No. 4 Mk 2 (F) Receiver Hole


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bought the above rifle some time ago from MFL firearms, it has a 2-3mm hole in the receiver at 12 o’clock.

Doesn't appear threaded, and although I haven’t probed it, it doesn’t appear to go through to the chamber.

Is this a gas vent hole - or has anyone come across this before?


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Something was mounted there once, or ground off. Was that rifle rebarreled before you got it? I know that Pattern 14 drill rifles had a pin placed through the barrel at the chamber and welded in. Perhaps in an earlier life this rifle had the chamber pinned in a like manner for some reason and later drilled out? More interesting/concerning is the fissure on the feed ramp. It's hard to tell if that is a crack or a metallurgical flaw.~Andrew

Addendum: I just had a look at some of my reference books and drill rifles were usually pinned through the chamber but, there seemed to be a tendency to do what was easiest to de-mil the weapon: including making saw cuts through the receiver. So I am probably wrong, but there might still be a chance that it was d-milled at one point.

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thanks for for your input, I have no idea of the history - the rifle was bought from MFL some time ago.

the hole is 3-4mm deep and eccentrically tapered.

by removing the magazine and inspecting the chamber area below the hole it appears that the chamber is unaffected.

with regards to the fissure, it’s actually a car hair - the only marks on the surface are the light crossing marks from bullet feed.

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My meaning was that a pin might have been drilled out and the rifle rebarreled. Again, I'm probably off base. I have no idea what that hole might be tho I haven't gone as far as to dig through my gun room for my MkII's. I'm sure I would have noticed the placement of the hole.


Car hair. I get those! ~Andrew

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4 hours ago, John MH said:

That hole should not be there, at some point someone has drilled that for whatever reason. If it shoots well keep it and enjoy it, but it's on longer original.

Thanks for the reply, as the hole doesn’t enter the chamber I’d assumed it would be safe to fire.

 I’m ignorant of the criticality of the hole and to what extent it may undermine safety.

Some have suggested that it isn’t safe to fire while others suggest it’s ok.

Unsure how to proceed, may have to get it sent off to proofhouse.

Thoughts appreciated! 

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If you look in front of the hole you will see a second one which has been plugged. I expect the plug fell out of this one.

That is post manufacture fitting of a scope pad I expect. In which case it should have been reproofed. if it hasn't been then MFL shouldn't have sold it to you.

I would go back to MFL personally.


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13 hours ago, Roy W said:

Here is what it would have had fitted I expect. This is one currently on Highwood Classics Website



foresight block.jpg

Our club No.4 has the very same thing.

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