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Tubb T2K


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A few years ago, I saw a Tubb T2K in 6XC, whilst visiting Dave Wylde at Valkyrie Rifles. Dave had barely used the rifle since he reworked it, and kindly consented to sell me rifle as I was truly smitten.

Unfortunately, for a couple of years now, due to a complete breakdown in my health, shooting has been the last thing on my mind. Some good friends cajoled me into a day at the range on Friday and after much trepidation, I decided to give it a go. I took the Tubb as I had not yet had a chance to develop a load for it, along with 50 rounds of incrementally different powder charges.

Conditions were truly awful, with winds blowing right to left across the range, gusting to 45mph, so my expectations were pretty low.

I fired 10 five shot groups, the worst of which was 0.79”, and the best of which was right on the 0.25”

Dave has done it again, and this rifle is an absolute credit to him and his skills, thanks again 😁




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9 hours ago, Scotch_egg said:

Looks likes you haven’t forgotten how to shoot. 


Have you got any photos of the rifle? 

Sorry, no photos, but here’s a link to Dave’s original thread, that has some pictures if you expand.


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