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  1. I wouldn't buy a pulsar axion xm30s, i looked through an axion xm30 recently and if it's the same i thought the field of view was crap, would rather have my quantum lite xq30v any day.
  2. Bob57

    Remington 700 sa extractor question

    Steve, throw that forming die away and just use the Redding type s fls die, set up to properly fls the cases so that you just get bolt to close without resistance. You say you've discarded the tight cases when running them through your chamber, set up your die and resize them, then try shooting them again.
  3. Bob57

    Remington 700 sa extractor question

    Yep 20 practical is just a necked down 223 case, if it's the same rifle mentioned in my 20 practical post then baldie built it, and that will be the same reamer used to chamber mine as Steve Kershaw borrowed it from Dave, and yes when the shoulders were bumped back 2 thou on my cases with a body die it fattened them up somewhere so they would not chamber, that's why I had to fls them all again with the Redding die to get bolt drop.
  4. Bob57

    Remington 700 sa extractor question

    20 practical is not a factory round, so not possible!!
  5. Bob57

    Remington 700 sa extractor question

    Steve, a mate gave me 200+ federal cases that were once fired in his sako 85 (factory ammo), so before I got my rifle I thought might as well get all the cases sized for 20 prac and ready to load, I was hoping I'd get away with just bumping the shoulders back 2 thou from my mates fired Cases in his chamber, so borrowed his 223 body die and set them all 2thou back, but when I got rifle back and checked to see if bolt would close on the cases it was too tight so had to resize the whole lot again in the Redding s bushing die, just kept dropping die a bit until no resistance on bolt, had no problems with extraction. How are you using the body die? After sizing with the Redding s bushing die ?
  6. Bob57

    .20 practical

    Nice one jc, bet that made you smile when you saw that go offπŸ˜€, one magpie i shot there were 9 yds between where it's head and tail were laying, that made meπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€, one I'll not forget tooπŸ˜ƒ
  7. Bob57

    .20 practical

    No probs mate, hopefully you'll get your extractor sorted out, bloody annoying when something doesn't work right, if you don't get it fixed i would call Steve for a chat about the custom bolt it really is nice.
  8. Bob57

    .20 practical

    There you go outlanda πŸ‘
  9. Bob57

    Remington 700 sa extractor question

    Hi outlands, I have a 20 prac built on a rem sa, and decided to do away with the original bolt and have a fluted custom bolt fitted which I'm sure had a sako extractor fitted, it's smoth as silk, wasn't cheap but worth every penny imo. Steve Kershaw did the build, I'll put the thread up to top of page on varmint rifle's and heavy plinkers for you, there's a couple of pics on there which will show you the bolt.
  10. If you lads don't have any luck with mph I have a Third eye 20moa rem s/a rail, a few marks where mounts bolted on, and don't have screws.
  11. Yes please, if they are all new and none pulled?
  12. Bob57

    Case prep

    That's how I do it, k&m primer pocket uniformer, tumble clean then k&m in the battery drill for a quick primer pocket clean out, always get a bit of brass in with the carbon taken out . Stops that odd round with a slightly proud primer not letting the bolt close. Miki mentioned about pressure compressing the head and the primer pockets shrinking, i think that's exactly whats happened with my 204, the last time I tried to clean the pockets most of the cases I tried I could not hold the case the k&m was so tight I gave up, never had that before, and the only thing different that I can think of is the powder I'm burning is now different!!!
  13. As well as rhd, night vision shooting can hammer rabbit population's !!
  14. Bob57

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Heard on the radio this afternoon that we've another 3 weeks lockdown, but you can drive to the countryside to take a long walk😟
  15. Bob57

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Ah you see that's where you're wrong nid, as rumour has it that's just where the fly was sitting, and nobody likes a fly😁

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