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.338 Lapua Magnum

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Hi all,


Would anyone happen to have a set of bullet drop values for factory Lapua 250Gr and 300Gr .338 Lapua Magnumrounds. I'm going to be sending them down range through a stock AXMC(moderated).


If possible I'd like info out to 1 mile please.


Many thanks in anticipation.



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Farthest I went with mine was 1600 mtr (1749 yards) at Warcop on fig 11's


Rifle would connect reliably at this distance - drop with 250 Scenar was 21.2 mil


Velocity was 3000 fps with ES of 8


Contact SeanC on here who went further with his TRG and managed the mile several times.

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Drop/drift " , 10mph wind,200y zero;Lapua 250 Scenar, BC .675,MV 2969 fps:


100 +1.4/.4

200 0/1.6

300 6.2/3.7

400 17.8/6.8

500 35.2/10.8

600 59.1/16

800 130/30

1000 237/49.5




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Andy you were a huge 10 metres short of the mile, could you not crawl back a bit :-)






Not really as the FP was at the edge of a strip of concrete with all lined out in a row.



Always another day :D

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