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Looks like a clever remarketing of these: http://www.rei.com/product/407106/space-all-weather-blanket


I've got about 6 of them (biproduct of some past adventure) and have used them just about never except -silver side up, as a sun shelter- they're just a glorified tarp that's shiny on one side.


I real terms, just about no difference to a polythene bivvy bag, - so good as an emergency windbreak to control evaporative convective heat loss but, as was once pointed out to me, for the silver layer to do anything, you have to be radiating heat for it to reflect anything back - when you're pee wet through and chanking cold, the silver layer does chuff all.


Don't know what you want it for (or how many people) but a bothy bag may be a better alternative

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If I'm honest, I'm not sure I 'get' Jervens either; like the items above, just non-breathable bags. Very 80s (ie pre-gore-tex)


If you need to regularly sleep out in a non-emergency manner, get a breathable bivi bag.

If you need an emergency bag, you need something that'll give you an element of insulation, and not just (for the reason I outlined earlier) a silver lining: http://www.blizzardsurvival.com/article.php/20/outdoor

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