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  1. Kinda Biased here obviously. The Kriss is a nice rifle, the barrel i believe uses 10/22 barrels, some users didnt like some of the MIM components. LASF15- same everything as our USA LA-SF15 rifles, just different BOLT/ Barrel/ Mag adaptor. so definitely up to the 'milspec' and more. Barrels are received in as profiled and unchambered, cut to required size, recrowned and hand chambered .22Bentz CMMG BCG is modified slightly for perfect feeding.
  2. Short barrel .308, switched with a 6.5 Creedmoor from Proof Research. (Being Shot by my son, 0.68moa Group, not bad for a 12yr old)
  3. Glad to see someone doing this, no more 3m or longer wait time on reamers!
  4. I'm over there. Busy as a busy thing. With regards to the above photo, several of the ranges insist that there is no photography, or that photos don't include faces.
  5. Bought a Phoenix bipod Type A, ordered the AI spigot as I was going to buy an AT, I then bought the AX instead so no longer need the Spigot. £50 delivered
  6. If he's all sold out Ali At Calibre innovations has some I think.
  7. There has been some serious effort put into trying to find potential as well, On a recent intake at the Army Dfundation College (800+ 16-17 yr olds) we had a team come down, they carried out a whole bunch of testing on the recruits to see who had the potential to go on and train for 2020 and beyond. I believe a couple of them were identified as potential shooters.
  8. As Dave says, also they will take an old mod as part ex for a new one!
  9. Ill take the Kwick trimmer please. and can you send me a pic of the AR Forend?
  10. Well I'm still serving, although with only 6m left in uniform I'm watching with interest.... One thing I have noticed about our much lauded resettlement service is that if you want to go into CP, fibre optics, HGv driving or H&S then there are many, many options, and many many companies wanting to take your £2400 per year Enhanced learning credits. If you want to do a 'proper' course in machining, milling, welding etc the. You are out of luck. The few companies that do offer training don't return calls or emails. Still, it's an interesting journey after 23 years in. I'll keep you
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