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Survival shopping list

Orka Akinse

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The scene: Disaster just happened.


Set plan into action, make way home. Pass a supermarket seize opportunity to increase survival stores & emergency supplies.


Thinking: I'm not going to ponce about brand searching doing the usual b* llocks you do when doing the weekly shop.

Objective is to get in, get whats needed, get out.


What should I be including in my shopping list of food items E.g. Flour, rice, pasta etc not the crap we usually pile in the trolley, what are the essentials I should target??

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There are plenty 'properly' calculated lists,such as the Preppers Blueprint (nutrition)-the prepped prepper will have this tatooed on forearm-its for 2 adults,2 children,survival calories(1250 per day) for 1 month:all in pounds:


grains 75

dairy 24

sugars 15

legumes/veg 14

Fats/oil 3


That's some 131 lb of stuff to carry- a trolley would increase your haul of course,if any left.

Ball park- it varies in detail depending whether it's a short or long term emergency....being moderately active-perhaps wild food gathering needs 2000 cals/day-that's a fair load of berries etc.

Booze is too heavy,fags might be useful barter-if you can be callous. Matches ,though,will be handy.


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