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Survival Fiction


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As this is a topic which interests me very much I think I have read almost all the mainstream fiction out there; a great deal of which is pretty awful, but there are some gems. Here is a selection of recommendations if it interests you.


The Stand - Stephen King. An amazing book following the survivors of a flu epidemic. An easy fun read.

The Road - Cormac McCarthy. A brutal look at a destroyed world. Won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2007.

Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood. Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2003. Set in the near future and spanning an apocalypse.

One Second After - William R Forstchen. Following a failure of the grid. A brutally realistic take on what might occur in the days, weeks and months afterwards.


All of these are great books in their own way. Has anyone else got any recommendations? I'm just finishing my current book.

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Go back a generation and you have John Christopher's post apocalypse, The Death of Grass (where an experimental plant strain produces a virus that kills all grass species including cereals worldwide) probably the best; A Wrinkle in the Skin about onset of major earthquakes on a global scale, and a few more - most still available.


Same era, John Wyndham's novels, The Kraken Wakes and The Day of the Triffids the best known.


All very readable.

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ALex Scarrow wrote a good pair of books, Last light and After light


First one is about the very rapid descent after a peak oil incident- UK based. Second one is the aftermath a few years on- some bits are a bit odd.

Loved one second after. A must read to my mind.

Also the deep winter trilogy by Thomas sherry.- starts well, gets a bit far fetched by the third one, but still worth reading.


I do have quite a few books in kindle format

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+1 for The Death Of Grass. A brilliant book that has only aged slightly. I feel it portrays a realistic way people would react to TEOTWAWKI. Will check out the others that have been suggested.


Whilst The Road is another great book, I was pleased to finish it as it was just so bleak. One to read though, and I like his style of writing.

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Just finished a really great book. Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel. It's set about 20 years after a flu pandemic, with flashes back to today. I really enjoyed it.


Also, the Dog Stars by Peter Heller. There's quite a bit about long range shooting which may be of interest to many!

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