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The 'Sane' end of Prepping

brown dog

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Without wanting to get silly, you state a stream as presumably, an open source of drinking water.

Is this somewhat presumptuous on your behalf given radiation or other contamination possibilities?


What radiation? This is the sane end of prepping. I am sure if you were thirsty a steam would be acceptable, however I have water purification tablets and filers.


I was listing an item, then raising a concern to be addressed i.e. I have a water source (item) then concern (purification) also food (item) and cost/shelf life (concern).

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"What Radiation?"

Have a read up on Texas water supplies around 2011 and I'm pretty sure the same could happen here possibly without your knowledge?


So I would offer to you, if you had an open source i.e. stream,would it be so "acceptable"?


Without wanting to sound pompous; Thirsty and a stream is a very simplistic view.

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