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what`s the best all-round bushcraft knife


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i said they where expensive but in all fairness they are a great knife to own very well made and they come in a superb leather sheath and flint striker i was lucky at the time when i purchesed mine soon after the price started to climb up rapidly

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The best knife for reasonable money is the F1 or, if you want something bigger, go for the S1. Alternatively, the Svord DPH is an excellent knife with an easy to care for blade and can take serious abuse without you worrying that it would break or that you may scratch the surface (http://www.heinnie.com/Knives/Svord-Knives/Drop-Point-Hunter/p-92-695-6773/). I would thoroughly recommend you spend sometime looking through the Heinie Haynes website as they have every knife conceivable and at all prices. No, I am not working for them, but their range of knives and their service make it the natural choice when buying a knife (unless you can find something second hand...)


good luck



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After all my knives were stolen i recently bought a Fallkniven F1 with a 3G blade..very happy with it.

you must have been gutted how many did you have stolen was it a large collection

it must have cost a lot of money over a long time to get a collection of good quality stuff

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If you really can't get oil then how about animal fat ? Or some sort of grease , I wonder how they did it in the Iron Age ?


My point is, a carbon steel blade doesn't seem practical for sustained outdoor use; unless you're happy to walk around with it oily or greasy and all the mess that entails. I don't want to carry and use an oily knife.

And there's the additional naus of having to carry oil or grease and keep oiling or greasing the blade (or to keep scouring it).


Is that what people are doing?

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Matt generally speaking carbon steel will hold a better edge hence they are quite popular but suffer from rust as you are aware. The oil quench process would give it some degree of rust protection (not infallable though) but you would be re-heat treating the blade to accomplish this hence you would have to know what you are doing and hold the temperatures critically.


Probably best to have a little bottle of cooking oil/olive oil to hand as I do for my cleaver and just periodically smear some on with your fingers.


For me a kitchen knife, as in fairly daily use, carbon steel is a good option.............. but for field use especially involving meat and periods of it being dormant possibly in wet jackets/bags etc. stainless variants are the only real solution.

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I'm not sure (for a field knife) that I understand how the potential for a slightly better edge outways the negatives of blade rust. Despite their historical antecedents, surely a carbon steel blade is a less practical proposition for a sustained use outdoor / bushcraft knife than a stainless one?

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also plastic or leather sheath ?

Cheers Mick


Kydex, think thats spelt right, looks to be the best looking option IMHO but they are £25 for the sheath. Tempted to get one for my Mora 2000, anybody got any comments on these?

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Can't comment on this properly yet; but at the 30 quid US price it seemed worth a punt.


Full tang, thick blade; and despite having BG written on it, it's still a Gerber...


Wouldn't have chosen the teeth but that seems to be a Gerber thing.


Has nice confidence inspiring heft and balance in the hand. Very comfy grip size and shape.


Just batoned the stuff in the burner - seemed good.







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