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  1. Bushdog

    Paddlelake Rimfire Tactical

    It was a good fun day and the weather was baking. As John said, bolt guns tended to rule, I suspect mainly because they had better optics mounted (I took both and opted for my bolt gun for that reason) - the targets were surprisingly testing, given the devious wonky shooting positions that were required! I believe more are planned for the future, so if you are interested, keep an eye open.
  2. Doubtless all true. I like my Tippman, though - its super simple to strip and clean, accurate as any other .22 Semi-auto and is very reliable with every type of ammo I've tried other than subsonic HPs which do not have the energy to re-cock the internal hammer.
  3. If you have been used to shooting ARs in the states maybe a .22 AR clone would suit best - any decent one with a solid steel barrel will consistently manage your 1" at 25 m criteria. They are also very easy to upgrade and modify - I use a Tippman M4-22 which I have found very reliable and easily accurate enough. Feels a bit more solid than the S&W, and accepts most parts made for real ARs, so can be modified as much as you would want (I have changed the grip and stock on mine). I think its a bit more expensive than an S&W (or a basic 10-22), though. There is a lot to be said for 10-22s, but I hated the one I had - never could get on with the controls (and I tried all the extended gizmo's) - it just seemed not very ergonomic (for me, at least). I also had reliability issues with mine (mainly due to the tight match chamber, I suspect). If you can, try as many different rifles as possible before you make a decision.
  4. Andrew - yes - you could well be right, I was shooting in woodland with dappled light - unfortunately, that's my usual/preferred test range. In fairness, I have used the Chrony there many times in the past without such wildly erratic results. What did you use for the cover - something like a sheet of translucent stiff polythene? Cheers.
  5. I use a magnetospeed, and tested my fairly ancient chrony against it - firing loads with magnetospeed attached over the chrony initially at 3m. My idea was to see if they were consistent, as I intended to measure velocity dropped at 100m if they were. I found velocities at the muzzle were 2-300 fps different, but did appear to be consistent. However when placed at 100, the chrony reckoned my 168gn .308 loads had accelerated to around 4000fps ! I have therefore retired the chrony, and now put my faith only in the magnetospeed. As it works by magnets, it is not dependent on light quality.
  6. I'd like to know what the mod to the Gen 6 is, too? (sorry for straying from OP)
  7. Thanks again Laurie - kind of confirmed what I already suspected. The .308's still got a bit of life left in it yet, but probably a 6.5 CM re-barrel is most sensible, when the time comes.
  8. Thanks Laurie. Sounds like the longer (best BC) bullets may not be a goer in a short action magazine rifle, then. That's a pity - I was pondering this as an alternative to .308 when my current barrel bites the dust.
  9. I'm not well versed in either bore size. I am wondering how "pedestrian" a 7mm has to be before it loses out to a 6.5? The reason for this question is that as a .308 shooter, I've always had a hankering for a 7mm-08 - would this be enough cartridge to produce a meaningful benefit over, say, a 6.5 CM?
  10. If you are looking for a good pattern of front sight, have a look at the Dawson Precision fibre optics. I have a set of these on my GSG 1911 and they are a vast improvement over the standard front sight.
  11. Cumbrian - what a lovely rifle. Missed your other thread the first time around. Makes my Heym look very working class. Nice write-up. I don't fancy lion myself, but I agree with your assessment of the need for hunting to preserve game in Africa - its easy to be holier than thou about big game hunting, but without a financial value, there is nowhere left for game to be preserved-such is the pressure for land by the human population. In the '90s, I spent a season in Mozambique doing my MSc dissertation on the feasibility of re-populating an area of southern Mozambique with big game species to create a reserve - hardly saw any big game there, other than crocs and hippo. It had all been eaten, and every Saturday night there was more AK fire as the locals were shooting up the last of the game with lamps. A couple of years later, I spent a couple months in Zimbabwe working on a big hunting ranch - it was fantastic - because the animals were managed and valued, they were everywhere.
  12. Bushdog

    Barrel cleaning advise please

    Yes - had green-ish patches from mine, using butches boreshine. CZ452 sporter-weight full-length barrel.
  13. Bushdog

    22rf AR

    Terry - nice rifle. But I hope it shoots poorly - I have to shoot against you and I know how tricky those matches are - every year its a toss-up between bolt/auto - most times I seem to make the wrong choice! Good luck with it.
  14. Bushdog

    Barrel cleaning advise please

    When I was using it a lot, I cleaned my .17 HMR about every hundred rounds or so just like a centrefire - copper solvent, rod and all. between this I pulled a bore snake through after an evening out. Yes it takes a couple of fouling shots to settle back in, but if you left it too dirty, it would "go off" and start to throw shots. Sadly, I haven't had much need of it this last year! Despite the hate it is getting for poor ammo (and I agree there is an issue), I still like mine, and if you are careful when shooting it, it is an effective little round. Check cartridges before you load them in the magazine for split necks. When you fire a shot be aware of any that seem not to have gone right, and check the barrel if you have an inexplicable miss and odd-sounding one.
  15. Bushdog

    If only

    I would be willing to bet there would be less meat damage on a rabbit from a .700 Nitro than from a .17 HMR! I am also in the .22rf and .308 camp. I have eight rifles, and other than a .357 mag lever gun, I do not have a centrefire smaller than a .308.

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