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  1. Sapper811

    NRA Planning Imperial CSR in Sep 20

    The frames at Bisley are that which promotes growth and vigour. Full stop. Why ? Because income has been spent on other disciplines and range areas for years.
  2. Sapper811

    PRL 2020 - what would you change???

    So maybe i was a little quick to shout out the other night against this thread. Constructive criticism for competition organisers is a good thing. there is only one way to get better and that is to learn, especially what people want. My experience is of organising small ish one day precision competitions at Diggle. Whilst being small a lot of work goes into organising, setting up and running the day. PRL looks and sounds great. I wish i had the time to enter and compete but alas there are only so many weekends in a year ! Cost. Cost will always be a factor. £150 or more entry is a sizeable chunk of cash and one would expect a certain level or organisation and professionalism throughout the event for the outlay. For me i have sat down and worked out the cost of competing in the PRL and it ran into the thousands ( this is factoring everything into it ) Prizes. Personally i shoot for fun, not for the chance of winning a prize. I disagree with the old ways of the top 3 winners getting prizes whilst everyone else gets nothing for their effort. To this end the precision competition that i organise a certain % of the entry fee goes into a prize fund for a raffle at the end of the day. If 30 people shoot, there are 30 raffle prizes ! Everyone takes something home. From AIM bags to Nerf guns ( yes, and the lucky chap was more than happy ) everyone gets something.
  3. Sapper811

    PRL 2020 - what would you change???

    I don’t shoot PRL as my time is taken up with CSR every month at Diggle. However I am really quite shocked at this thread. I and a few select others organise, manage and run all CSR comps at Diggle. Near 30 individual competitions per year. And yes it is hard work but we love it. As far as I see it ONE man has had the time, energy and drive to get PRL started in the UK and what do you lot do ??? Discuss what’s wrong with it and how it can be changed !!FFS !! If you don’t like it get off your arse and sort something yourself ! Competitions happen because of the few who give their time to make it happen. If you don’t like it then take up something else !
  4. Sapper811

    Sad news: Bradders.

    A sad day and a great loss. Rest in peace Mark.
  5. Colin I have some. Will email them over tomorrow 😎
  6. Sapper811

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    You can order the Tri Trimmer ( as in the pic above ) direct from the company and the website. They are great at sending stuff over as long as the item is not classed as ITAR restricted as some of their products are. I have two of the trimmers and they are perfect for medium to large scale work
  7. NXS 1-4 reduced to £675. Really is a bargain and needs a new home
  8. Sorry the dies were sold last night, all gone now
  9. 3-12 back up for sale at £950 and price drop on the 1-4 NXS NOTE - 3-12 is not MOA / MOA, however it is still a bloody bargain !
  10. Hi, sent you a message but thought i would reply on here for all ( and to annoy Mr Bradley 😍 ) MOA ret and turrets / FFP / clockwise elevation / right on windage is clicking up
  11. 3-12 is SOLD Nightforce NXS 1-4 x 24 - IHR ret illuminated. Condition is immaculate. A great scope ! £675- post at cost Reduced Thanks for looking

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