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A first for me tonight

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Was out foxing on the back of a landrover and heard sqealing  in a field of stubble  on other side of hedge, so went in to check it out thinking it sounded like foxes mating . Pulled up and  my mate had a look around with the thermal, pointing to a foxy looking heat source,  I fired up drone and there was 2 foxes back to back tied and a 3rd fox laying on top of a bank 40yds to the left watching  proceedings!! 2 dogs and a vixen😀

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10 hours ago, maximus otter said:

Foxes, dogging.

🦊 😱

maximus otter

You could be right😂

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How many rounds did you use?

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8 minutes ago, Paul Cat said:


How many rounds did you use?

The pair tied were on stubble behind some cover crop,and I didn't want to risk bullet break up, so looked at the dogger😂on left but no back stop so went back to the pair who were pulling about, wondering which one the vixen would be as one gave me a shot through a gap so took it, that was the dog. vixen went off to the right and  I missed it as it stopped briefly but moved just as I sqeezed trigger but showed again, I didn't miss it the second time😃 .went off to do the rest of the estate and shot another dog fox and back to the stubble field to see if dogger was back looking for the vixen, he was😀. 4 foxes, 5 shots.

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Now if you'd written 5 foxes, 4 shots I'd have been impressed. 😀


A jealous husband hires a hitman to kill his wife and her lover insisting that he shoot her in the head and the lover in the tackle, "I'll pay you £10,000 for each shot".

The husband waits for her to go off to her usual "game of golf with the girls" and with the hitman follows her to a lay-by where she climbs into her lover's car. The pair start getting jiggy, after a couple of minutes the husband has seen enough. "Shoot them" he tells the hitman who raises his rifle and peers through the scope. After a few focussing tweaks he stares for a bit and starts moving his aim up and down, slowly at first but picking up tempo. "For chrissakes" says the husband "What are you doing? ". The hitman replies "Trying to save you £10,000".

Might also work with foxes. 😉

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