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  1. .223 barrel cleaning

    Indeed. So many used rifles are pitted through neglect, I am just bemused that people don’t bother. Pushing a patch with some solvent on it through a bore really isn’t that hard.
  2. .223 barrel cleaning

    Why would you not clean it after every outing? Remind me never to buy a used rifle from you, please.
  3. Simon Whitmore (?) at Doveridge.
  4. You are reaping what you’ve sown.
  5. .20 cal specific custom action?

    I don’t think so- the Stiller Predator shares the Remington 700 footprint, so is not a true short action.
  6. .20 cal specific custom action?

    MB, Raytrade (the Remington importers) are also the UK Dakota agents. If a single shot bolt action is your thing, I don’t think you can find a nicer true short actioned rifle than the Dakota Varminter.
  7. Might be an idea to add the make and model of the action?
  8. Revoke

    No offence intended to the OP, but these were my exact thoughts, too.
  9. 6mmbr which primer

    I use BR4s in mine. I once tested them against Federal GM205Ms out of interest. The BR4s were noticeably more accurate and the chronograph showed their ES to be better. I keep the Federals for the 222 and the Tac now.
  10. Full length photos added, as requested.
  11. Sako 22 Hornet action and wood stock

    No problem. I see you have managed to amend the title of the thread now. I have only seen two M78 Hornets in 30 years of being a Sako anorak, but they are out there.
  12. The groups were shot at a shade over 100 yards, prone from a bipod. PM me an email address and I’ll get some photos taken tomorrow.
  13. Latest 3 three shot groups with the cheap Nosler Varmageddon 70 grain bullets added.
  14. Sako 22 Hornet action and wood stock

    At risk of stating the obvious, the Sako 75 was never available in 22 Hornet.

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