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  1. 17 Rem


    No. You’re mistaken, Alycidon. The 20 Vartarg is a necked down 221 Fireball, the 20 Vartarg Turbo is a necked down 222 Rem.
  2. 17 Rem

    6mm BR build

    I don’t think you have anything to fear.
  3. 17 Rem

    6mm BR build

    Of course I am well aware of that. But if it sells at that price I’ll show my bottom in the Co-Op window.
  4. 17 Rem

    6mm BR build

    Jesus, for the price he wants you could have one with a good stock on it built and have plenty of change.
  5. 17 Rem


    N135 will be perfect for both those bullet weights, Malinois.
  6. 17 Rem


    What did you settle on?
  7. 17 Rem

    Tier 1

    I bought direct from Tier One last week.
  8. Site won’t let me type it for some reason. I presume they’ve upset someone.
  9. 17 Rem

    Wanted Tikka M65 sporter stock.

    Bearing in mind the age of these rifles and the scarcity of spare parts for them, why not keep an eye on the auctions and buy one to have shipped to a friendly RFD where you could strip it for all the non licensable parts?
  10. Would you sell any of your Wilson case holders separately?
  11. 17 Rem

    Changing factory ammo

    Too many variables to give an answer. You must check your rifle with the new ammunition.

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