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    New Tikka rimfire

    Tikka T1X Might be just the ticket for the Precision Rimfire Match.....if I get it off the ground http://www.tikka.fi/rifles/tikka-t1x/t1x
  2. bradders

    New barrel breaking in

    Probably not a lot, he's most likely a bloke with a lathe in his shed and isn't a metallurgist
  3. This is something I've been planning to do for some time, so today was the day. I'm building a rifle with a 20" barrel, so thought I'd show you a How-To from scratch. Note: This is only one way to do this, there are many correct ways, and there are plenty of wrong ways. This is one of the correct ones First things first, a nice cup of tea, served in a very nice Bradley Arms mug Current barrel stock When I order my blanks from Sassen, I get them unprofiled and made to max length, in this case around 31". Generally on a job like this, I set up and chamber before cutting to length, in case anything goes awry and I have to start again Dialling in the muzzle end with a spider attachment Indicating the chamber end. Each division is .0005" or 1/2 thou to me and you, and we are looking for better than that. Here I am using a dial gauge on the lands and grooves, but you can use a Range or indicating rod....I just prefer it this way Facing off First cut Turned to 1" Thread tenon turned to .812"x.620" Cutting the thread relief Squaring the threading tool Touching off Setting the compound slide to '0' The slide is set at 29.5 deg (actually reading 59.5 deg on mine, and we're going to go in on this dial until approx 4.6 Zero the DRO Select the feed Ghost cut to check all is set correctly First pass A few minutes later and we have finished threading and cut a 60 deg lead (feed ramp) and made a quick polish A final check for length of tenon Extn screwed on Now we get ready to chamber. At this point I have a roughing reamer with a correctly sized pilot. The pilots come in sets, and the idea is to find the one that fits your bore the best. Note: it is not uncommon for bores to get tighter, and that means changing the pilots as you go. Likewise they can become looser, but that is practically impossible to detect Here I am using a reamer stop set to a pre-determined depth and am also using a Bald Eagle floating reamer holder Almost there Now I switch to the finishing reamer and swap the pilot onto it. In this case I am using a .223 Wylde reamer from PTG that I use for 2nd stage reaming. I have a newer reamer that I use only for the final .010" cut, and this preserves it, bearing in mind that the majority of my work is with ,223 calibre barrels Final cut reamer with new PTG CiP gauges, stripped bolt and barrel extn Checking progress Finally, with headspace set, the barrel extn is torqued on, a final pass with the reamer (as chambers can get choked with torquing) check headspace again and polish the chamber Job done Now we remove the barrel, and measure for length + .040" and cut on the bandsaw Back in the lathe and indicate for the muzzle Face off Cut a 30 degree relief at this point, so the barrel will run true on a live centre Indicate the chamber end. You will see that I do this part while clamping on the extn. This also gives you a shoulder/datum to work from, and from here to the muzzle is easy to measure 19.38" for this 20" barrel (remember the extn tenon is .620" which makes up the rest of the 20" OAL) Turn, turn and turn some more I always finish the front sight section first And this 10 deg part last before muzzle threading Turn the muzzle thread part, and make a relief at the rear Set feed rate and make a ghost pass to check First pass Check with ring gauge After crowning (not shown as someone turned up and interrupted me) and all work on the lathe is done Now, you don't always get a perfect finish when machining, and I usually finish the barrel to a 320 finish, even when Cerakoting (before shot blasting) But in this instance the customer wants a stainless polished finish, so..... What I do is mount it in my barrel spinner Work it back and forth on the belt sander until all machining marks are gone And finally buff on the mop Hey presto....a finished shiny barrel
  4. First thing this morning was to knock up this 16" M4 Navy profile barrel for an ongoing build Then it was off to Parcelforce to collect a Samson Star 10 13.2" rail and barrel nut for an AR10 build that has been progressing for some time. Background: I took the AR10 in on a trade for a .300 Whisper for another dealer. Bubba has visited this poor rifle on previous occasions and the upper receiver had been messed about with to the point it is unusable. An abomination of a side charging slot cut into it and the rear charging handle removed and a small block of aluminium fitted into the hole and secured by way of a 8mm countersunk screw through the top of the receiver! Anyway moving on: The PRS was replaced with a A2, the trigger is a Jewell and still needs a tune. Some time back I sold Baldie an upper receiver but he never used it, so I bought it back, machined it and fitted one of the world famous Bradley Arms sidechargng handles to the carrier. Sassen supplied a 1:11 blank and it was cut to 20" and chambered with a brand new .308 CiP spec PTG reamer and finished off with a Doofer® in 5/8x24 The hand guard arrived today, but the nut supplied was for a DPMS .308, not good as the DPMS nut is 16TPI and the Armalite needs a 18TPI nut. Having a length of EN24 I set about making one and here's the result Just waiting on the rear charging handle and the nut will be blasted and Cerakoted along with the other jobs later this week Thanks
  5. bradders

    Mausingfield 6.5x47

    Jesus f**king Christ on a bike, Do some screenshots, copy and paste them into Excel and make your own... I did it in 10 mins this afternoon, it isn't rocket science Take up CSR and think for yourself!!!!!!! Lamest thread resurrection ever
  6. bradders

    Best tool for removing military crimp?

    Still cheaper than a lathe though, but not quite as many Willy waving points!
  7. bradders


    I don't know anything about Kelblys, but I needed a PPC size bolt faced bolt for a Remington a couple of years ago and John Carr made one for me It might be worth a try
  8. bradders

    Best tool for removing military crimp?

    The Dillon Swaging Tool is the quickest and most efficient, and is also adjustable and works for both primer pocket sizes
  9. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    Yet you felt compelled to make a comment about me.....
  10. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    To see if you can acquire my taste 😂
  11. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    Would you like to come for a tasting session?
  12. bradders

    Borden Alpine .308

    Thanks 🙂
  13. Finished earlier this week for a customer who spends his weekends at Bisley at every opportunity with his club but understandably wanted his own rifle. He plans on a bit of FTR on occasion and would also like to take it back to Lithuania eventually It's a .308 on a Borden Alpine action with a 32" Bartlein 5R barrel chambered with a 150 reamer, Tier One oversize recoil lug, 20 MOA rail and DBM Trigge is a Calvin Elite The stock is a McMillan A3-5 and the action has been Devcon bedded The bottom metal inletting was done by Paddy Dane on his CNC as I wanted a tight unbedded fit and he's done an excellent job, highly recommended The medallion with all the barrel info has been cut off and gets given to the customer so he always has a reference for what he has
  14. Also in from the same source as the two rifles, I have a couple of suppressors that may be of interest First one is a Tier One/Third Eye Tactical Spartan II for .223 It is a QD over-barrel made from aluminium and supplied with their Tac Brake (which is a modified version of the Doofer) Brake in threaded 1/2" UNEF for AR15's etc Again, very little use £200 all in Next is a Riflecraft Hardy .22lr sound moderator, also in 1/2" x 28 UNEF £147 new, looking for £60
  15. Just taken this in from a young lad who has decided to give up shooting and concentrate on life after Uni and getting a job etc Bradley Arms BAR-15 that has truly only fired around 600rds from new, and it shows The rifle is almost like new Sassen Eng 20" stainless barrel, med weight, chambered in .223 Wylde, finished in Tungsten Cerakote® Bradley Arms 7075T6 Billet machined upper receiver with right handed sidecharging Bradley Arms 7075T6 sidecharging handle Bradley Arms Samson Evolution 15" handguard DPMS Jerry Miculek muzzle brake Bradley Arms 7075T6 forged lower receiver, BAR 234 CMC 2 stage trigger set to 4.5lbs (weight tested and passed) Magpul MOE pistol grip Magpul Gen 1 UBR stock Magpul Gen 2 30rd Pmag BCM Trigger Guard £1875
  16. bradders

    New Tikka rimfire

    It's guaranteed 1 MOA or better with Sako cartridges, but you have to demand those from your dealer Ir says so on the box, so there you have it Not bad though for a shite rifle with cheap crappy stock, iffy trigger and rail that doesn't fit 🤣
  17. bradders

    Firing Pin Bolt Bushing

    Interesting thread it’s also interesting to note that while Baldie says Remington bolts are soft and Acccuracy bolt “heads” are hard as nails....both are in Military service and have seen countless actions, while literally millions of Remingtons have been made and many are in service with designations such as M24 and M40 etc, those “soft” bolts don’t seem to stretch or compress and have headspace issues, while Andy does have a hardened AW bolt head that is scrap.....it leads me to wonder, how hard does a bolt need to be? Remington, and others have never deemed it necessary to make a separate bolt head system, so I wonder what’s the true mileage in having one?
  18. bradders

    AR Iron Sights

    Just looked i do have a set as above, brand new and unopened hoe does £65 posted sound?
  19. bradders

    AR Iron Sights

    I think I have some Magpul MBUSin FDE, will have a look later
  20. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    I’m not sure if a Ase Utra on a 16” barrelled LMT vs s Oceania on a 26” AT is a true comparison
  21. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    Not just noise, but pressure levels This is interesting, a car on a motorway is around 70dB, a suppressed gunshot of 120dB is 32 times louder! http://www.industrialnoisecontrol.com/comparative-noise-examples.htm
  22. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    When you "think" you need hearing protection (plugs/defenders etc) and when you actually need them are two entirely different things The 2005 Noise at work regulations stipulate that hearing protection must be provided at noise levels of 85dB and above A firearm discharging is around 150dB and most suppressors reduce that by around 28-32dB, which still gives a sound level of 120dB, which is 35dB over the safe working limit, but because the gunshot report is so brief, people think they're OK, but it is accumulative and damage does and will occur, so while you think you are comfortable with sound at that level because it's milliseconds, if it was constant then you'd be in trouble A sound moderator does a good job of reducing noise, but if one is perceived to be better than the other, is 118dB really that much safer than 122dB? We all still do it though I worked in industry for 35 years and was subjected to this, I have constant ringing in my left ear from exposure, in later years we became more aware, so I know a little on the subject
  23. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    This is the one I have here at the moment, it weighs 165gms

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