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  1. Longer is sometimes easier than shorter, but there’s always a way A longer barrel can fit all the way through the headstock, so you can put a spider on the breech end or receiver and clock both ends, failing that you would have to run it between centres if your bed is long enough Some Gunplumbers only know one way and stick rigidly to that, some like meself are flexible and will always try and find another way I am lucky enough to have a Truebore Alignment System with a Chuck on a gimble, but even then clamping a tapered barrel securely can be challenging Still, it can be done Dave T has already mentioned Steve Bowers at Specialist Rifle Services and he’s excellent
  2. I have had the Police turn up unannounced several times and I’m always polite and let them in for a chat, and for whatever they want there are more unexpected and random checks these days, it’s the way it is with various threats, It wouldn’t bother me if they were armed, I am a gun nut and have lived in countries where all the Police are armed, it’s just part of their equipment The only thing to fear is fear itself
  3. Which aspect of this is causing the emotions, the random visit or the random visit with a gun?
  4. The rifles are std issue, I believe they are supplied with 2 uppers, a 10" as pic'd and a 15.7" The rifle comes std with the CTR and Ergo grip, I do know that much They are mission adaptable, so accessories can be fitted as req'd, such as the suppressor, PEQ (good idea) and sight I won't pretend to know more than this, because I don't
  5. bradders


    They've had some issues and LMT have had to replace 7000 bolt groups, but it's a great rifle 16" barrel and service ammo is Black Hills MK 262 77gn, so ticks all the right boxes Incidentally I did some velocity tests with 16.5, 18 qnd 20" barrels with the same ammo and on a 5 rd average the 16.5 showed more velocity than the 18" 16.5" Hi 2753fps Lo 2738 Av 2743 SD 7fps ES 15.5fps 18" Hi 2757 Lo 2709 Av 2726 SD 19.4 ES 47.7 20" Hi 2820 Lo 2773 Av 2802 SD 18.5 ES 47.1
  6. Yep, not a Gun Nut forum 🤣
  7. Not many Gun Nuts on this forum, so allow me to assist Gun pic Colt Canada (Diemaco)C8 SFW IUR v2 (Integrated Upper Receiver) CQB model, AKA L119A2 10." barrel Monolithic upper receiver (IUR) Ergo grip Magpul CTR with Larue RISR® cheekpiece MCT Gen3 Pmag Surefire FC556 flash hider and Surefire suppresor Sig Sauer Romeo4T Red Dot sight PEQ-15 laser designator Tacticool charging handle Surefire flashlight Either a Geissele SSF or std Colt Canada select fire trigger Ammo most likely Black Hills MK262 77gn SMK or Radway Green special blend for AR style DI rifles
  8. Why? theres plenty of other threads to discuss all that day to day mundane stuff, and why does anything that’s slightly off course always have to end up with a “can’t we all just get along” comment or two thrown it? stop being so precious everyone
  9. He got the VC from taking part in CSR type shooting, in the sick bay he spent his time lying prone
  10. Enniskillen huh? My Gt Uncle James Bradders, (Standing) R Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1915-1918, wounded 2nd day of the Somme Grandad Michael Bradders (Seated) R Irish Fusiliers, 1914-1918, Salonica, Dardanalles, Western Front, Qual Sniper (I have certified proof) What you would call CSR types in modern day parlance, definitely not Ladypod® using Plinky Plonkers I'm from Belfast
  11. Dear VarmLR Don't go near the M5, If you take the Northbound carraigeway it will only lead you to a land of Misery and a "we're just as good as you in the South" attitude, as well as constantly referring to Southeners as Jessies and Shandy Drinkers, whereas Barnsley is actually the Gay capital of Britain, and Baldie should know all about that with the amount of "Dry-Bumming" comments he seems to make Furthermore Diggle is in the North, You can see its mountains in the pic above with the Redcoats, not Ancoats where my Sister has unfortunately moved to....thankfully she hasn't started wearing a Kaghoul yet or saying Knockoutttttt or Sunsheeeeinnnneeeee, but even she admits the broad sunlit uplands of the South are better Re: Diggle, there is a propensity for the men in the clubhouse to constantly be quasi-lewd to fit in and revert to gay smutty behaviour "don't bend over in front of him" "Come 'ere big boy, I''ll show you what a real man's like" etc etc Do you want to really revert to being one of those? I thought not
  12. Not so well at Isandlwana, but rather well at Rourke's Drift, You see, they were trained marksmen, who understood application of fire. In modern times they would be ideal CSR shooters, shooting from multi positions, kneeling and standing etc while delivering deliberate and rapid precision firing under duress, There was one F Classer, a malingerer called Hook, but he was lurking away in the Sick Bay
  13. Still breathing, although I've gone to bed Can't sleep though, had round 15 of Chemo today and am speeding at the mo
  14. A fun one hopefully, ermmmm wossisname
  15. Is it rudder to not say thank you than point it out? Is rudder even a word? What about ruder Bloke asks a question, another bloke helps him out, first bloke looks at the answer and then just goes away without even a Ta or Cheers, yet a few days later revisits the same thread My mum taught me to say thank you, and I'm nothing special....well actually I am 🤣 That was on an entirely unrelated thread to this one though, so has no relevance, Kalahari Secombe Take it from me, life is too short to be as serious as you lot, and Terry, CSR is the best thing ever We constantly strive to promote it and get new blood in, other disciplines don't do likewise For all you think of me, I seem to do very well at getting people to come along and take part, shame the other guy has never even introduced one single person to it How do you get into Benchrest? (psst, top secret, wink) how do you get into F Class? (whisper whisper, there's a forum somewhere) how do you get into PSR? (psst, you have to know the right people, and then meet up at a secret place....and don't tell anyone where it is, we'll take your pic but might pixilate it) How do you get into CSR, well you come along, we'll even lend you a rifle and ammo, and if you don't come along and have a great day with loads of other like-minded people at the World Famous® shooting complex where world champions are made, then there's something wrong with you I will continue to harangue, cajole and encourage people to come along in my own way, but know this....more people have taken part AFTER buying a rifle from me than before, so I really must be a terrible person 😉 Re-Pete, next time you go into Bisley, make sure you shut the gate behind you, we don't need oiks on our hallowed turf 🙂 You'll miss me when I'm gone
  16. It certainly does on here, I’ve never known a forum quite like it 🙄
  17. He’s having a go at me because I’m not permitted to say things in jest and he genuinely doesn’t like me, but not to worry my illness will get the better of me sooner rather than later and then he can rest easy that I’m not around
  18. Sometimes that 75 miles is 4 hrs, but you're right it is a long way to go for a Plinky Plonker®, such as yourself That said, there are so many events on offer there that there's no reason to go there just to Plink....or Plonk whatever your preference is It's good they offer a 25% discount, anything to help the poor needy people of the North, but Derby isn't "The North", it's the Midlands....and that's even worse 🤣🤣
  19. There's a 25% discount on Tuesdays.....at the World Famous and best ranges in Britain, The best thing about Bisley is that it is just far enough from the North to keep them away
  20. Long way round the M25, only 30 as the crow flies, but a trip across London is a nightmare On CSR Days we have people coming from Devon, Dorset, Norfolk, the Black country, Derby and Stoke, Cumbria, Swansea, Bristol etc, one guy flies from Aberdeen, we have a group that travels up from Paris, and one on occasion from Copenhagen On any given weekend you'll see cars with plates from Germany and Holland, as well as France and sometimes Italy Mileage isn’t a factor, but I’d be inclined to see if MJR is actually a member of the NRA or a club that shoots there?
  21. The mileage isn’t really a factor, although accumulative fuel costs may be My own trip is 75 miles each way, but it’s not the mileage it’s the time sat on the M25 that’s the problem Still, I’ve shot on many ranges around the UK and nothing comes close to comparing to what we have down here
  22. Well there is that, plus you have access to the best ranges in the world 320 mile round trip? I can see why it's a tiring venture when you're lugging a big Northern chip on your shoulder

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