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  1. bradders

    FCSA Update

    I had my RFD renewal last week and I mentioned these potential bans to my FEO he was completely unaware of the new proposed legislation and was surprised when I said they were talking about banning 50s and the other daft plinky plonky rifles! figure that one out
  2. bradders

    FCSA Update

    He is entitled to his opinion just like me, you or anyone else! The whole "They'll be after your HME next" scaremongering line is exactly that.....scaremongering, and is reminiscent of the whole Snowdrop/Seb Coe episode and unhelpful and unnecessary, particularly as nothing else is within the scope if any further legislation.....and if and when these bans go through, do you really think shooters will have the clout to prevent further bans? Maybe this really is the "thin end of the wedge, "tip of the iceberg" "writing on the wall", "final nail in the coffin" (insert other fear inducing catchphrase) Meetings have been going on with the representative parties and the HO and there may have been some movement, but instead of waiting for hard facts, it's always best to jump to conclusions.
  3. bradders

    .223 Brass

    I've got tons of the stuff, mostly GGG that's once fired, sized, trimmed, primer crimp removed and stainless tumbled....ready to load £15/100 plus postage
  4. bradders

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    Lapua already make the components, brass, bullets in 123 and 139 weights, Viht do powder. The only thing Lapua don't do is manufacture loaded ammo, and that is probably because setting up a whole new production line is prohibitive As for the UKBRA group....anyone can shoot a fluke 😂....was it in the middle?
  5. bradders

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    What's ammo availability like in your part of the world?
  6. bradders

    .223 action

    https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/tikka/bolt-action/223/t3-lite-180512104002002 Tikka right here
  7. bradders

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    So the real question is which is better, 6.5x47L or 6.5 Creedmoor? I'm sure this hasn't been asked before 🤣
  8. bradders

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    I'm sure some of you might not be grasping that Michal might not actually be in the UK, and threfore the custom built rifle scene maybe therefore somewhat limited Hence the questions about factory available rifles
  9. bradders

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    I'm no F-Class shooter, but if the only options available are rifles off the shelf, then I'm sure either of those would be fine. Maybe not World Class® winning capable unless in the very best hands, but certainly more than capable of learning the game Just my opinion though before someone is forced down the "Custom Build" route 😉
  10. bradders

    Proof House

    The waiting time is ridiculous at the moment
  11. bradders

    Glass wearers

    You can get specially designed shooting frames to cater for this, such as the Zeiss shooting frames that have an adjustable bridge that allow the glasses to sit higher. The fact remains though that shooters are very complacent when it comes to wearing glasses when shooting, even safety glasses, considering you have in the region of 55.000 psi waiting to go off approx 4" or so from your seeing organs!
  12. I got this on spec from Edgar Bros a few month ago, and at the price they were offering it at, it was too good to miss up Anyway, it is surplus to requirements and needs moving on to a good home It's a Savage Mod 10 in 6.5 Creedmoor and is a lot of rifle for the money Detachable box mag (10rd as std), threaded 5/8x24, Accutrigger, adjustable stock that will interchange with all the SR stuff, 24" barrel in 1:8.5 twist.....certainly a lot of rifle for the money and Savage always made good stuff A viable alternative to the Ruger Precision and Tikka etc I think the RRP is around £1600 but I'm letting it go for £1000
  13. I took this in from a friend who gave up shooting It's a Tikka M658 in .30-06 Nice clean rifle and complete as seen with Simmons 2.8-10x44 scope Also included is 100rds of ammo £375 the lot
  14. I have a used Rem 700 S/A rifle action with .308 bolt face that is surplus to requirements I originally bought it as a .243 to use as a test bed for Triggertech triggers, but never went an further Good condition and looking for £250 for the action or £425 with the trigger Usual RFD transfer rules etc Thanks
  15. bradders

    Font Colour

    Well I followed the advice of the poster above yu and have changed to a white background with blue font Nice and fresh, crisp and clear....wish I'd done it years ago 🙂
  16. bradders

    Font Colour

    This really is a First World problem
  17. bradders

    New Tikka rimfire

    Tikka T1X Might be just the ticket for the Precision Rimfire Match.....if I get it off the ground http://www.tikka.fi/rifles/tikka-t1x/t1x
  18. bradders

    6.5 re-barrel options

    It's both telling and interesting that most of his shots are in the X-ring, it where they are meant to be Accuracy and skill over flukiness wins every time 😀
  19. bradders

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    Who is that then? 🙂
  20. bradders

    Amazing group!

    It’s not a “downer” and I still can’t see why when anyone questions anything in here, even in jest it is always seen and taken as being negative! while the group is great, when looking at the other groups they aren’t that spectacular, given the equipment and ability I mean I see a 1.96, a 3.25, a .282, a 2.18 and a 3.26 but let’s focus on the best one and discard the others for the sake of internet small group bragging, coz that’s what group shooters always do, right? take the other 4 groups and the average is 2.66, add the wunder group and that comes down to 2.18 if you fire enough shots in your life, at some time or other all the planets will align and even a blind dog will find the ball 🙂 Do that 5 times in a row then call it a world record even in land speed attempts the result is an average of a run each way 😉

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