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  1. Popgun

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    Its has taken at least 300 bunnies since April 2019 & always brings a smile to my face ever time i hold it ( and the rifle )
  2. Popgun

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    I bought an Anschutz 1417 deluxe stock in mint condition & with the scope,spare 10 shot mag, quality sling & Mod, it was cheaper than a new Tikka ( sans mod,scope,sling )with plastic stock. I am well pleased every time i pick it out of the cabinet
  3. Is there no moderation here to safeguard buyers, i have bought a couple of items in the short time i have been here, with out issue, just as one would expect
  4. Hi Steve interested i. these Winchester super x subsonic 40gr 400 of + Selection of over 200 £50 the lot collected.Will need to see your licence. I have a slight problem, i sent my cert off yesterday for a 1 4 1 swap on another Cal. .22LR staying on ticket atb Roger
  5. I use after many tests a Bushnell Legend 4.4-14/x44 with a pard 007 nv this was @ 60m ----NO SHOOTING HERE
  6. Popgun

    Night shooting rabbits with .22lr

    My Anchutz 1417 with an Atec-Wave & subs is as quiet as many air rifles, i shoot sub 12 fac .20 air & 22LR. Originally with a superb home brew NV, sold last week i now have a Pard 007 but rarely use the record facility & never the red dot
  7. I realise its an old post but is this still available Ta Roger
  8. Popgun

    BSA sweet 22lr subsonic

    My Anschutz 1416 came with the vantage rimfire. poor in low light 60m> & not good with NV either. So sold it on. I how have an MTC Mamba lite, its much better with the Pard 007, but still not brilliant @ extended ranges with the 007. Ok for daylight though I have tried a Bushnell Legend SF HD, super day time but very poor with the 007 I zero to 60m so most quarry out to 70m is point n shoot
  9. Popgun

    Big Larry torch

    lost my Lil Larry earlier this week, whilst out with the NV.I ordered a Big Larry 2, this is excellent, bought via ebay seller in Kings Lynn ( eBay item number 163896130100 ) The real good feature is the red stays on as required, all lamps can be dimmed & even "programmed" to turn on to your pre set settings.This version has a white light on the top, so like a conventional torch + the magnetic base that is great for working in the car boot hands free I have also found out, press & hold the on/off button for 3 secs & it goes straight to fixed red.added I have now added 3Ms reflective tape to the body in case i drop it at night
  10. Popgun

    Black IR for NV

    I got my first Charlie last week @ 30m with the LR, it looked up over a ditch bank straight at my rifle scope + Pard 007 , "wide eyed" & i aimed between them, it no doubt saw the 850 IR
  11. https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/attention-warning-from-police.283082/#post-2492560
  12. Popgun

    Black IR for NV

    I have just sold a T75mm 940 unused from Customriflescopes ( it was in with the new pard 007 bundle ) on ebay & the fellow is claiming "it isnt a bright as his £10 torch" 😆 & wanted his money back. i answered all his claims & have lodged a counter claim. So even dumbtwats with 1200 ebay feedback ,cant see the 940 either 😁 Deer can certainly see 850 on the Pard 007, one stood watching me the other night whilst i was out on rabbits.
  13. Popgun

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Update i now have a MTC Mamba Lite 3-12 x 42 sf & the picture quality is so much better than with the Legend 4.5-16 x 44 sf hd. Downside is the range finder flashing is far less bright than with the Bushy Bushy Legend https://studio.youtube.com/video/68lMgOsn9kU/edit Mamba https://studio.youtube.com/video/JnEW8vQ01Ek/edit

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