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  1. Popgun

    What scope for a Pard 007

    The first 2 outings with the 007, i really struggled with it, mainly the picture reproduction, my home brew is very clear optics & the kevgun pill in the T38 + youkon doubler was exceptional.Some of the trouble was also fiddling with the record button, i have never recorded & really dont need or want too BUT its there init, it cost me about 5 bunnies all told.Over the w/e i had advertised the 007 i had only had it a week from new, but thought i would give it one more chance, as the battery life is very good, the battery life on the HB is exceptional but the torch used a lot of power as its "over clocked" pill.The 007 with IR only consumes much the same as the T38 & its much easier to set-up & fewer bits, just the 007 unit & range finder.So it has had a reprieve ( for now )Got 2 this evening at approx 50 & 70mOh i have fitted a green 37mm filter, this much improves the loss of vision due to light from the uniteBay item number:382794565802
  2. Popgun

    What scope for a Pard 007

    That torch is seriously over priced
  3. Popgun

    What scope for a Pard 007

    well im going to give it another go, sans SD Card, the record button cost me 5 bunnies last week
  4. Popgun

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Well been out this evening with the home brew, i did take the 007 on a MTC Genisis 3-9 x 40 just to try, i know it a cheap scope but results even @ 30m were poor. The home brew is far clearer, i could see leaves moving on trees @ 50m , the only constraint was IR as my best IR pill, has gone duff, so on reduced power but it still exceeded the 007 for clarity. Very disappointing & im not going to spend even more £s on another scope just to see if the 007 can be improved Oh i got 3 rabbits @ 50,60 & 70m with the home brew
  5. Popgun

    What scope for a Pard 007

    went out last night, pix qual no better but found the set-up is very "range" critical" to get a better pix, but still very grainy. Still not convinced with the 007, i will be out tonight with the home brew. I have now got the 007 set-up on a MTC Genesis 3-9 x 40 fixed focus, just to see is the clarity is any better , if so i will adjust out to 60m When i bought the rifle it had a Hawke Rimfire scope, that struggled at 70m in 1/2 light, so its got a new owner
  6. Popgun

    What scope for a Pard 007

    Thanks Bruce, done all that. Home brew clear 007 grainy, Im out this evening on the bunnies, so will check settings
  7. Hi all i have a Anschutz 1417 with a Bushnell Legend 4.5-14 x44 HD SF. Up to now i have used a home brew NV with it & its excellent although bulky & takes a bit of time assembling & take down in the dark. I have a new Pard 007 & the optics are poor & grainy but its easy to set-up & also used as a spotter. So the question is, what reasonably priced scope will be better in your opinion tia Roger
  8. Popgun

    Pard 008 problums

    Try an 8GB card ( recommended by Ash of custom rifle scopes ) , 32 may be too large for the 008 to cope with
  9. Try here https://riflemags.co.uk/anschutz-magazines/
  10. That is one inexpensive rifle & a real bargain I bought mine early April & it has accounted for over 250 Bunnies Good luck with the sale
  11. I have an Anschutz 1417 with an Atec - Wave Mod & find RWS HP Subs very quiet & accurate, in fact i only ammo i now use. I found Winchester Subs very noisy & the sound rattled off the trees near by, followed by CCI, Eley then RWS The 1417 with RWS HP is quieter than my Rapid 12/200 fac with a Huggett & that is far from noisy

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