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  1. Kipper

    Ftr type bipod

    Know off a dolphin tracker long leg.. ment to be appearing for sale on here..
  2. Kipper

    Accuract mag .223

  3. Kipper

    Lee beam scale

    Looking for a used lee beam scale..
  4. I have a arm that extends a the adjustment wheel on a dolphin ftr bipod back to the butt.. cant upload a pic but can email if required. £25 posted kipper3296@gmail.com
  5. Kipper

    Empty N133 container

    Looking for a empty n133 tub. Bought some in bulk in a cindicate but random tubs on my bench makes me itch and slightly dry boke lol
  6. How did you get on with the 69 & 55s ?
  7. Kipper

    .338 moderator

    Wildcat do one I've seen when I looked.
  8. Kipper

    5/8×18 Muzzle Brake Wanted

    Ebay, Australian guy on there sells them and not stupid priced.. takes about 10 days to arrive though
  9. I've called him, he says he can force the bolt over the mag. But a £1800 rifle and a £20 piece off plastic hes happy not too. Phew thought I'd wasted cash
  10. Have they changed or upgraded the mags ? I remember the early reviews about being unable to cycle the bolt when empty so I bought two off these for a friend as a gift who collect his rpr on Monday .. we shoot matches where mag feeding isn't allowed so assumed he needed one and he hasn't said it cycles without - maybe being polite
  11. Does the bolt still cycle on an empty mag ?
  12. I'm not 100%.. only tried them in the standard factory mags so far
  13. Ruger mag sleds for .308 to allow manual round feeding . £20 posted
  14. Kipper

    223 accurate mag

    223 accurate mag..

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