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  1. Kipper

    Smk options

    Can you promise I'll get a score like that also lol
  2. Kipper

    Smk options

    Yeah I seen them , would have to order online but I do like the scenars
  3. Kipper

    Smk options

    On a 24' 1/10 308.. Which seems to get the vote for 500yrds and 800 max 168 smk 175 smk 190 smk. Or variants off.. I'm currently using 155 scenars but I cant get them up too over 2900fps. Been suggested to try a heavy bullet that will get up to speed for its best BC results. Any experience???
  4. Kipper

    Howa short action Chassis

    Got a promag archangle stock with a 223 mag if that with suit..
  5. Kipper

    Wanted Nightforce Scopes

    Know off a NXS 8-36×56 MoaR2 fir sale at £1000
  6. One I priced at optics warehouse is the 1/4 moa version and it's coming in at 1k. I'll but this one in January lol.. could be time to tell the kids Santa is not real or he died
  7. Always see what your looking for when your broke sadly.. I'm buying mine after xmas is out the way and no doubt end up paying twice this.. Surprised it hasn't sold yet
  8. Hi all, spoke to the NRA today. I'm putting together a RSO course in the central belt off scotland hopefully some time soon -ish .. I have put out an email to all club sec that I have the details for. Usual 2 day course. £83 for non NRA members. £74 for annual members. Max 15 spaces, 2 are already gone. Any others interested please comment below or PM contact details and I will keep you up to date. Require 4 more names before a date can be set. Thanks
  9. Kipper

    .338 LM brass.

    I got 100 lapua for £40 few weeks ago bit that was a bargain buy .
  10. Irlightbuilds , google or facebook them and Ian will sort u out
  11. Kipper

    Digital scale recommendation

    I used a hormady g1500 last weekend and it was far superior to the MTM scale in the same price range.. We loaded up 10 charges at 45.5 and checked them again.. Hornady 45.5 every time--- mtm 46.6 every load Checked 10 random 155 lapua heads Hornady 144.5/6 --- mtm 148.1 every head.. Id go hornday before the MTM.
  12. Kipper

    Sierra 155gr palma 30cal

    Hes not sadly
  13. Kipper

    Sierra 155gr palma 30cal

    Wicked, I'll give him a shout and see if hes going..
  14. Kipper

    Sierra 155gr palma 30cal

    No but I know a guy that might

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