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  1. Plecotus

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Cheers, Tralle. That's really useful.
  2. Plecotus

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Does QL have the RS powders listed too?
  3. Plecotus

    Wanted, Magnetospeed V3

    As above. Cash waiting.
  4. Plecotus

    Rear bag

    Hi Bob, is it new? I presume it's the mini-gator with 3/4" ear-gap?
  5. Plecotus

    Rear bag

    Looking for a good quality, heavy rear bag for FTR.
  6. Plecotus

    Torque wrench driver

    In the market too so following this....
  7. Plecotus

    Scopes wanted

    Probably a bit of a long shot but I'm looking for a Nightforce Competition 15-55x52 Zero stop. Also looking for something low-mid range range for .22 gallery rifle. Prefer something not too heavy. Thanks for reading.
  8. Is this sold now? Title says it is but last post says still for sale. If not, what's the shortest distance it will focus down to?

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