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    Most things shooting. Amateur radio, hill walking, bird watching, caving etc.

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  1. Plecotus

    COAL and Jump to lands

    Not 2155 - these: http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2008/12/sierra-introduces-new-308-155gr-palma-bullet/ I've never actually shot at Severnside although have been to Rogiet Moor, with Offas's Dyke RC quite a few times. My home range is Monmouth. I won't be shooting anywhere today though. Did my back moving a bag of cement on Thursday and several hours of gutter cleaning and repair yesterday didn't help either. Hope you have a good day.
  2. Plecotus

    COAL and Jump to lands

    I regularly shoot the SMK 155 (2156) and found, after a lot of experimentation, that in my rifle, with my load, .015" will give me a sub-0.5MOA group at 100yds. Might not be right for yours of course. Only testing will determine but that's half the fun. Very close to the Monmouthshire border....and also, very damp!!
  3. Plecotus

    Loading tray/block for .338 Lapua.

    I'm all sorted now but many thanks
  4. Hi Sean, I'll take the ammo boxes if they are still available please.
  5. Plecotus

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Would be very grateful indeed if those brave early adopters on here could post their experiences with whichever of the upgrade components you've ordered. I've generally found the V2 kit to work well with most of the powders I use but, like a couple of posters on here, when using RS80 for my newly acquired .338, it kept having problems which required eveyrthing to stop while messed about with it.
  6. Plecotus

    Quickload and rs60

    It's a great shame that QL is so far from reality with RS powders. I've found it excellent with many other manufacturer's products so I'm guessing it's to do wth the data that RS have provided more than anything else? I find RS powders excellent in every resepct and I too use them for just about everything.....would be great to see the QL problem sorted out.
  7. Plecotus

    Loading tray/block for .338 Lapua.

    Plenty of options there - thanks chaps. I very much appreciate all those who took the time to comment. Now I just need to make a decision!!
  8. Can anyone recommend a lading tray/block that will actually take this cartridge case? I have a couple here which were all advertised as being up to the job but all were too small. Ideally, something that's available in the UK or EU. Thanks.
  9. Anyone have one of these knocking about that they don't need? Cheers.
  10. Not sure if you're splitting this yet but i'll take the 100 Lapua 338 cases and the 50 Berger 300grn bullets if you are.
  11. My .308 is one of Mik's and it shoots incredibly well. .338 on order and eagerly anticipated. Top bloke.
  12. Plecotus

    Another use for thermal

    It's not a bad job really although I do more commercial (i.e. non-conservation and/or research) work than I would like these days. Barn Owl is a prolific breeder. When the population crashed in the 1960s/70s, this was almost certainly a conequence of organochlorine pesticides. Once these were banned, the population started to recover but there have been mroe recent declines too. Lots of likely reasons behind this.....lack of food and a reduciton in available nesting sites have all been implicated. Swallow numbers in the UK have been falling for close to ten years now. Most likely culprit is reduciton in insect food availability. Almost all of our insectivorous specialists are doing badly. For both these two birds, another problem has been a reduction in avaiable nesting sites. We use both thermal and infrared cameras for bat work. Thermal cameras are excellent but none of them have a sufficiently large field of view to replace a human observer but they are great for locating roost entrances in buildings and particlarly so, roosts in trees. Bat detectors are still used extensively because we can use the recorded calls to ID the bats. Cameras can help with ID but cameras and recordings together are a powerful combination. You're spoiling your ringers cutting paths for them. We almost always have to sort such things out ourselves and, after all, what else are trainee ringers for 🙂
  13. Plecotus

    Another use for thermal

    We've got several in my business now and they are used most weeks. Barn Owl chicks spend a long time in the nest so you should be able to watch the adults carrying foor in for a good while. They may well have a second (or more) brood too. They's been recorded breeding in every month of the year in Britain! They are also one of the most widely distributed species in the world - they are found from here to India and many places in between. If you werent so far away, I'd be asking if I could come and ring the chicks.
  14. Plecotus

    Another use for thermal

    Among other things, I do wildlife surveys for a living. We use thermal scopes and cameras a lot, often for the kinds of things you descrbe here. Lovely to watch too - sometimes it's not just about the science!
  15. In Focus Optics have a place at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre at Slimbridge, which is just off the M5 so pretty convenient. They have a very wide choice from cheap and cheerful to wallet wringing. You can try any and all out and they are very helful and knowledgable. https://www.at-infocus.co.uk/in-focus-shops/gloucestershire/

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