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  1. Plecotus

    Optics Warehouse, Above and Beyond

    I've only ever enjoyed excellent service from this company and I always recommend them.
  2. Plecotus

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Cheers, guyys. I already have the required scale in my lab so I don't need to worry about that.
  3. Plecotus

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Could anyone who has purchased an autothrow and autotrickler together recently let me know what the door to doo cost is likely to be to the UK, assuming that I'm not one of the lucky ones whose parcel sneaks through customs un-noticed?
  4. Plecotus

    Scope choices for .22 BR

    Well, just to let you know I've had a few sessions with the Sightron 36x42 BRD and it's a keeper. Bearing in mind it's on a new (to me) rifle, I shot three x 10 target cards last Friday and hit 100(5x). 97(3x) and 100(5x) at 25m. As someone on this thread suggested, it has caused me to think more about my breathing and trigger squeeze. This was off a bipod. I am using Eley Match. A bit more expensive than Thanks to all who offered their opinions.
  5. Plecotus

    .22 wooden ammo box

    Sorted thank you.
  6. Plecotus

    .22 wooden ammo box

    Looking for a .22 ammo box. This kind of thing.... https://www.woodenflyboxes.co.uk/bespoke.php or https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/187086947/PARKER_HALE_22_AMMO_BOX_COLLECTIBLE_OAK_BOX_MADE_IN_ENGLAND.html I know I could buy a new one for not a lot of money but there could well be something old and interesting in a drawer somewhere out there looking for a new home. I do like using old stuff like that!
  7. Plecotus

    Scope choices for .22 BR

    Many thanks again for all the comments and opinions. I also took some soundings on another board. Here's what I've done. I discovered that there is an optics supplier here in the UK who give you 60 days to try a 'scope ordered by mail and, if you don't get on with it in that time, they will swap it for something else. I ordered a Sightron 36 x 42 BRD. It's now arrived. I'm going to put it on the rifle and shoot it over the next couple of weeks and see how it goes. One thing that influenced me was that I may want to try .22 BR at 50 or 100yds in the future, where 36x would probably be more than appropriate. I'll update the thread when I can give some feedback on how it goes.
  8. Plecotus

    Anschutz UIT to Picatinny adaptor in the UK?

    Yeah, something like that. The good news is that I've been in touch with Mik and Dolphin do indeed have an Anschutz fitting available.....so that's that problem solved. Thanks for all the help and advice. Really is much appreciated.
  9. Plecotus

    Anschutz UIT to Picatinny adaptor in the UK?

    I didn't realise that it was also available with an Anschutz fitting. Thanks for that excellent suggestion. I've just dropped Mik an email.
  10. Plecotus

    Anschutz UIT to Picatinny adaptor in the UK?

    Nice job, Pete. So much crap in my garage/workshop a the moment, I think it would take me longer to clear it sufficient;ly to get to my bench and pillar drill than it would to order and have one shipped from the USA!!
  11. Plecotus

    Scope choices for .22 BR

    At my club, we shoot a BR competition at 25m using the NSRA BR targets (https://www.nsrashop.co.uk/collectio...0-br-15-target). I've been shooting this discipline with my Volquartsen 10/22 for a seaso now, averaging low 90s on each card. I've just bought an Anschutz 1813 in a Supermatch stock, with the intention of becoming a bit more competitive and am looking at a scope for it. I have a shortlist of two: the Sightron SII 36×42 BRD or the Hawke Sidewinder 30 SF 8-32×56 with perhaps the Weaver T36 as a reserve option. I know both the Sigtron and Weaver are well used by BR shooters but I'm wondering if 36x might be a bit too much magnification at 25m? The comp I shoot does not permit the use of a rear bag, just a front rest (or bipod) so I'm thinking that I'm not going to be quite as stable, when it comes to shakes(!) as those who shoot BR with heavy front rest and rear bag. That's my question then....is 32x just too much at 25m or would this be an appropriate magnification for the discipline I shoot?
  12. Plecotus

    Anschutz UIT to Picatinny adaptor in the UK?

    Hi Pete, Thanks for that. I did find that one myself but what looks to be the self-same plate can be had for around $60 in the US and I was rather hoping that there would be something at a similar price-point available here. Worst case, I will order from the USA.
  13. Anyone know if it's possble to buy one of these in the UK or EU at a sensible price and, if so, where from? i want to try an Anschutz 1813 on my Dolphin bipod (which has a Picatinny fiiting) as a poor man's bench rest set up.
  14. Plecotus

    Barrel length for .44 Marlin rifle

    Thanks for the advice.....and sorry for the late reply. I decided to go with a 20" barrel and having shot it a couple of times now, I think that was the right call.
  15. I've found this to be very random. Sometimes, it takes half a dozen goes of turning Bluetooth on both devices on and off before they will 'see' each other. Something of a pain.

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